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Housing & Estates

This category contains various houses, castles, forts, bunkers, or any other space made for your character to inhabit and store items.

18 files

  1. The Cottage


    This mod adds a cozy little cottage on the outskirts of Gnisis which is perfect for the outdoorsy type. The previous owner has vacated the premises, so it is (conveniently!) yours for the taking. There is a little bit of immersive scripted behavior to go with the mod and the token explanatory note. But this is mostly just a simple house mod which I made after finding a free-to-use cottage model. I created the interior for the cottage myself and adapted it to work with Glow in the Dahrk.

    The cluttering in this mod uses resources from OAAB_Data so make sure you grab that repository.

    Cottage exterior model and texture by bobjh.

    P.S. The permission statement should make this clear, but this can also be considered a modders resource. Feel free to use the new cottage model in your own mod. Also, if anyone has the means to upscale the texture, I'd love to provide an HD option for those who desire it.


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  2. Denina's Empty Homes

    There are three empty houses you can add to your game. It's modular so you can just install the one(s) you want. I made this back in 2013 when Drac and Toccatta told me they were working on Morrowind Crafting 3.0. I was a little premature, but I used these with 2.1, too. None of the houses are big, just ordinary sized houses you'd find in the vanilla game. No cost, just move right in. You have to supply your own lights and furnishings


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  3. Under Construction

    Under Construction
    With this mod, construction materials and scaffolding will be visible at the Great House strongholds during construction of the later stages.
    It's commonly understood that the Great House strongholds have three stages, but they actually have six phases. In addition to the three main stages, there are also three intermediate phases during which various portions of the stronghold are under construction. Bethesda implemented the first intermediate phase (where the first stage of the stronghold is under construction), but did not fully implement the other two (where the second and third stages are in progress).
    The developers went to the trouble of creating the required objects (scaffolding, wood planks, buckets, and so on) and placing them in the world, as well as assigning them scripts to ensure they'll only be visible during the appropriate construction phases. However, they just never actually set the relevant global variable to the proper values to implement these later intermediate phases.
    When construction first begins on your stronghold, the main building is inaccessible, and you'll see various construction materials nearby. But, in the vanilla game, due to Bethesda's partial implementation, there are no such intermediate phases later on. When construction of the second stage of the stronghold begins, there are no changes at the stronghold at all; when construction is complete, the new buildings pop into existence fully built. The same thing happens with the third stage.
    This mod finishes the job that Bethesda started by implementing the last two intermediate phases. Now, when construction of the second or third stage of your stronghold begins, you can visit the stronghold and actually see the new buildings - inaccessible, for now - in progress, along with scaffolding and assorted construction materials lying about. The site foremen are also active during the intermediate phases.
    After the requisite amount of time has passed, the under construction phase will be complete, the construction materials will be gone, and the new buildings will be accessible.
    The mod also fixes a couple errors in the vanilla Raven Rock scripts (principally one that caused certain objects to be disabled when they shouldn't be), but does not otherwise touch Raven Rock.
    This mod edits the following vanilla scripts:
    It will be incompatible (without a patch at least) with any mod that touches the Strong_Build scripts. Stronghold overhauls should be okay, but any mod that changes the actual process of stronghold construction might touch the scripts.
    I'm not aware of any other mods that edit the Strong3_Not script, but if one does, the conflict will be relatively minor - certain parts of Tel Uvirith that shouldn't be accessible until stage 3 is complete might be accessible during the under construction phase for stage 3.

    Regarding the two Raven Rock (colony) scripts, if any other mod touches those scripts, it should come after this one in your load order.
    The above script edits represent most of this mod's changes, although a couple manual adjustments to Tel Uvirith were necessary in order to prevent reaching certain areas before they're supposed to be accessible. The only actual cell edit is to the exterior cell Uvirith's Grave: placing two unopenable doors that will only be visible during the intermediate phase for stage 3. If you're using a mod that changes the exterior placement of Omavel's or Seleth's houses, this might result in a little weirdness. The other Tel Uvirith-related edits *shouldn't* result in conflicts, but I'm not 100% certain about that.
    Version History
    Version 1.1 - 2021-10-05
       - Fixed a couple errors in the vanilla Raven Rock scripts, principally one that caused certain trees/rocks at the SE factor's estate location to be disabled when they shouldn't be.
       - Raven Rock is otherwise untouched.

    Version 1.0 - 2021-09-29
       - Initial release.
    Feel free to contact me on the Nexus or Moddinghall with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.


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  4. River Rock Falls

    This adds a large estate in its own interior cells. To access, go to the north wall entrance of Balmora. Follow the road north of Balmora until you reach the bridge. Before you get on the bridge, look left and down. You'll see a staircase down to the water. Go down the stairs and activate the rowboat.
    This mod requires Tamriel_Data.
    This house contains living/dining area, kitchen, utility room, bathroom, 3 small bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, library, a decent amount of storage and lots and lots of display space throughout the house and on the third floor.
    Also, a small mushroom cave which has quite a few mushrooms in it.
    The kitchen features The Wanderer's Alchemy Boxes. At my request, he added boxes for OAAB Data ingredients, ST Alchemy ( https://stuporstar.sarahdimento.com/other-mods/st-alchemy/ ) and Morrowind Crafting. There is also an icebox included to store cooked foods from Ashfall, Morrowind Crafting or any other mod that adds such a feature.
    There is not an alchemy sorter because a Morrowind script sorter will strip the Lua data from objects when sorted. If you want to make one with Lua that won't strip the data, please feel free and send it to me and I'll be happy to include it.
    No mannequins are included as I find them creepy. If you must have mannequins, you can buy some in game with this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/3611
    Interop included for compatibility with Ashfall.
    You can interact with the bathtub.
    There is a teleport ring available somewhere in the house in one of the containers. Find it.
    See the read me for more information.


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  5. Molag Mar Temple Apartment

    Adds a player home in Molag Mar for low level Tribunal Temple characters. After joining the Temple, talk to Llathyno Hlaalu, who is in the basement of the Balmora Temple. She will tell you that she just moved from Molag Mar, and her apartment can be rented for a 25 Septim donation to the Temple. If you accept, you will get a key and a ring.
    a ring that will teleport you to inside the apartment after equipping it an apprentice mortar & pestle with the expectation that the character "pays it forward" a trunk, a closet, and a couple of small containers for storage The apartment is so small that the character probably needs to step outside just to change their mind, but you didn't join the Temple to live in the lap of luxury.
    If Muck Shovel of Vivec (https://mw.modhistory.com/download-11-8669) is active, that quest must be started before the apartment greeting will appear Cleaned with tes3cmd and TESTool.
    This mod IS NOT compatible with OpenMW, at least until support for MWSE mods is added.


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  6. Castle Hestatur

    Castle Hestatur (The Tower of Glory) is a large fortified building on the northern edge of Sheogorad. It stands on a small island approx. North, North-West from Dagon Fel.
    Video Showcase


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  7. Willow Flower Cottage

    Willow Flower Cottage
    Located alittle east outside the Vivec Telvanni Canton alone the road near its bridge you will find a small little cottage with its own farm along with a beautiful view of Vivec City and the open ocean as your surrounded with Willow Flowers.
    -Chest Storage
    Along with some basic furnishings to make the cottage feel like home, normally you would have to pay for such a house but in this case it was left behind by a friend.
    Front door key is on the door step, wanted to say that as its abit hard to notice at first. 


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  8. Balmora Abandoned Lookout

    A Player Home in Balmora

    A place for adventurers to squat and store loot.

    On top the mountain above Caius Cosades' house.
    It just so happens to be right where you spawn when you ~coc balmora 😉

    This was an old lookout tower for the Imperial Legion stationed in Fort
    Moonmoth so they could more easily keep an eye on the town of Balmora.
    It was destroyed in a terrorist attack by bad people. Larrius Varro in
    the Moonmoth Legion Fort has a personal grudge over this.


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  9. Sailen Player Home

    A recently abandoned, vacant velothi home located down the road of Sailen, in the Sacred Lands Region.
    Who lived there and what they did and why they left is unknown, but they are never coming back.


    -lore friendly home


    -empty containers

    -shelves and tables

    -a respawning supply chest similar to mage or fighters guild, but not too OP.

    -key that teleports you to the interior when equipped.

    Adjusted interior light settings
    Added clutter to help appear hastily abandoned
    Added more containers
    Fixed owned light so no longer owned
    Changed respawning supply chest to not respawn
      (Takes too long to respawn and now can use it for storage)
    Added a library to one of the empty rooms, well book shelves and a desk 😛
    Added bookshelf containers to library for my lazy ass. A bit moddy but eh works for me.
      (style mixed shelves a little because i wanted to use my assets but not lore breaking,
      and its not a TR interior so i can do what i want)



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  10. Mandas Manor

    "Take the locket to him so that he will know that I am safe. Since our manor was destroyed by Corprus monsters, I do not know where my
    father is staying. His old friend Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn should know."


      This mod adds in the Mandas family manor, which was mentioned in Delyna Mandas' dialogue, having been taken over by corprus creatures. In the vanilla game however, no such manor had been featured, so you could consider this mod an inconsistency fixer of sorts.

    The manor has been placed in the same district of Ald'ruhn as Morvayn Manor, the implication being that the corprus creatures that came to Morvayn Manor overran the nearby Mandas Manor. The manor itself doesn't have any new quests, but there is some notable loot there if you look around hard enough.

    The mod places in a new building in an empty lot in Ald'Ruhn (-2, 7). Beautiful Cities of Morrowind shouldn't be incompatible, but I haven't tested for any conflicts yet.


    Some recommended mods: Box of Horrors - Corprus Weeping by Qwerty This mod will definitely make exploring Mandas Manor and its neighbour a much more chilling experience. Sarandas Family Hearth by me Another mod that fixes something of a continuity issue with Ald'ruhn by expanding Ienas Sarandas' house into something that better reflects the descriptions given of his family.




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  11. An Abandoned Shack Expansion


    This mod is a simple expansion of the vanilla cell 'An Abandoned Shack' southwest of Gnaar Mok. It expands the shack to roughly twice its original size, cleans up many of the messy statics (but not messy clutter, which the player may clean up themselves) and adjusts/expands upon the existing furnishings to fit the new space. Particular focus was spent on retaining the vanilla atmosphere of the shack, and preserving/accentuating the existing environmental story telling. In order to fit the newly expanded exterior, I also had to move two trees near the shack. As of version 2.00, OAAB_Data is required. I also recommend using Bitter Coast Sounds and Mistify for the best swamp experience. 

    Compatibility   This mod is Compatible with both OpenMW and the vanilla engine
    This mod does extensive edits to the interior cell "An Abandoned Shack" as well as minor edits to the exterior cell (-9, 2) which it connects to. Any other mod which does the same is likely to be incompatible. Other than that, there should be no compatibility issues.


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  12. Anna Sera

    A boathouse near Seyda Neen that I made for myself, Id be open to suggestions and If anyone really wants the boat in a different location LMK. ALSO if there is anyone out there with the know how to make this boat mobile let me know I would love to see her functional. For now it is what it is 🙂 one of my very first creations I made in honor of my late father who used to take me sailing as a kid, he also got me into ES in the first place. P.S. I HIGHLY recommend you check the actor collision box fix in MCP for this is tightly cluttered and MUCH easier to navigate with the collision box fix. Also if you are using the new lighthouse in Seyda Neen Gateway to Vvardenfell or Beautiful Cities by RandomPal please use the .esp with BC at the end and load it after such a mod. 


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  13. OAABandoned Shack

    This mod remodels The Abandoned Shack to use assets from OAAB Data and to make it a little more livable while trying to maintain a bit of the atmosphere of the original. There are 2 versions - the version that stays closer to the original, and the Mad Hermit version, which is (in my opinion) perfect for a budding alchemist or misanthrope.


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  14. Winged Guar Deluxe Garret

    Adds a small apartment to the Winged Guar tavern in Mournhold's Godsreach district, loosely based on the Flaming Nix Deluxe Garret player house in The Elder Scrolls Online. It's a loose mix of the officially available furnished version of the home and what I currently have in it. The room costs 3000 gold to permanently rent; talk to Hession about the "deluxe garret".
    It's only sparsely decorated with cheap miscellaneous items and trash. I did this intentionally so that I could self-decorate it over the course of my playthrough.


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  15. Carefully Cluttered Cozy Cat Condo

    FIRST THINGS FIRST! This requires Tamriel Data and OAAB https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/49042  https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/44537/ , these are just asset repositories, THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE TAMRIEL REBUILT! just the assets. This is a super simple overhaul of Ahnassi's house in Pelagiad. I love this NPC and the quest related to her and thought that her house deserved a little more attention. Then i got carried away pretty bad XD To emulate the lighting from the screenshots I use Let There be Darkness and True Lights and Darkness. I think that's it. Thank you guys for giving it a look and happy hunting ! 


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  16. Sarandas Family Hearth

    The Sarandas estate is no longer a measly one-room hut. The house is now made more fitting of the family's reputation, and can be given to the player for their service in the Temple.

    Ienas Sarandas' house is now a proper Ald-ruhn clan hearth, suitable for the Sarandas family legacy. In dialogue we hear that Ienas' parents were wealthy and successful and had left their son a sizable fortune, but the house they left him was a tiny hut, barely big enough for some furniture and a single hammock, let alone a family of three adults.

    This mod expands the house into a proper family dwelling, although it's still considerably bare due to Ienas' poor life decisions. If the player helped Ienas in finding a new life in the service of ALMSIVI, and the player themselves are a Curate in the Temple, they can get the deed to the house through Master Tuls Valen in the Ald'Ruhn temple.

    Once the house is put in your possession, the Temple will outfit it with some furniture to compensate for all the furnishings that were sold by Ienas. If the player is not a Curate, or they had killed Ienas instead of helping him in his related quest, the house will not be furnished, and will remain empty and derelict. Though that does not prevent you from squatting there...

    This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the cell "Ald-Ruhn, Ienas Sarandas's House". It's also recommended to clear out the house of any junk you have in there if you were already squatting there to avoid any physical conflicts with new or removed furniture.



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  17. Ravenloft Manor

    basically, a house mod. big, big, big house mod. many rooms, lots of storage and display. retextured everything. no items, ueber or otherwise, just emepy house for the player to fill. Playing the Mod
    Find the Ravenloft Amulet in Seyda Neen (its not very hard to find) Note: You can also get the amulet via the console command "player->additem RavenlofAmulet 1" if you don't feel like searching much or cannot find it. when you equip the amulet, you will be teleported to Ravenloft once in Ravenloft, you will find documents describing the place in detail to get out of Ravenloft, use magic or one of the teleporters in the Teleportation Chamber Known Issues
    due to the fact that I lifted the alchemy jars/cat/scripts from the Kaleigh's Retreat mod, the two mods (Ravenloft and KR) are probably not compatible now - script and item duplication I guess. I have not tested it, so let me know, maybe its ok?


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  18. Y.A.P.H.M. (Yet Another Portable House Mod)

    Adds a portable house to the game. No special steps to acquire, a spell to access the home is added by the mod. Has various convenience features.
    See Readme.txt for details.
    Version 2.5.2


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