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New quests and minor expansions to the game.
See 'Overhauls & Expansions' for larger projects.

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  1. Supply Chain

    Adds 12 infinitely repeatable quests. Ask about 'little secret' in Ebonheart to get started.
    I love repeatable quests and Morrowind has a severe lack of these. So, this mod adds 12 lore-friendly, infinitely repeatable tasks with varying degrees of difficulty that you can do while adventuring. You can earn a decent, but not over-the-top, amount of money for your efforts.
    Getting started:
    Ask about 'little secret' in Ebonheart. If your disposition is high enough, you might learn about an opportunity.
    Cleaned with TESAME and Tes3cmd. I haven't experienced any issues with this, but if you have any, please let me know.


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