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New quests and minor expansions to the game.
See 'Overhauls & Expansions' for larger projects.

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  1. Even More Mysterious Killings in Vivec

    I'll be honest. I never liked the Mysterious Killings quest. The premise is solid, but the actual execution and rewards aren't believable. The idea of the Office of the Watch will willingly give you the sacred armour of a fallen Ordinator all seems half-assed to me. This mod intends to make the quest more worthwhile.

    This mod replaces the old Indoril helm and cuirass that was offered as a reward for the quest with a new set. I never understood why a pious Ordinator like Elam Andas would willingly hand over a set of armour the he acknowledges as being sacred, so the armour is now replaced with a new set that is considered a personal gift from Elam.
    There is also now a small camp that spawns along with the Dreamer Prophet that contains some Sixth House memrobilia that will be siezed by the Order of the Watch once you've reported your success to Elam.

    Future plans include making the quest time sensitive, with the murderer killing more Ordinators if you aren't quick in stopping them, or even for the Order of the Watch to do their job and catch the killer before you do. Other plans include having the killer in a random location, requiring more shrewd rumour chasing and detective work.

    The mod overhauls the entire quest and makes some minor changes to the Foreign Quarter waterworks, but it should be compatible with whatever Vivec overhaul you have installed (hopefully).


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  2. Supply Chain

    Adds 12 infinitely repeatable quests. Ask about 'little secret' in Ebonheart to get started.
    I love repeatable quests and Morrowind has a severe lack of these. So, this mod adds 12 lore-friendly, infinitely repeatable tasks with varying degrees of difficulty that you can do while adventuring. You can earn a decent, but not over-the-top, amount of money for your efforts.
    Getting started:
    Ask about 'little secret' in Ebonheart. If your disposition is high enough, you might learn about an opportunity.
    Cleaned with TESAME and Tes3cmd. I haven't experienced any issues with this, but if you have any, please let me know.


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