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Pack guards, guards, service staff and more.

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  1. Animated Morrowind Merged (Morrowind# Version)

    This is an edit of Animated Morrowind Merged by abot, Arcimaestro Antares, and Wikart, edited to remove the brigands NPCs and the ability to donate gold to beggars, which I felt where somewhat immersion breaking features (because of the way they were implemented).
    This plugin will not be compatible with versions that replace the original plugin for compatibility with other mods, such as those provided by town/interior overhauls.


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  2. Lame Corprus Vibing to Guar Skin Drum

    This mod expands on the small vanilla quest to give Uupse Fyr a guar skin drum to pacify the Corprusarium inmates by using mwse-lua 2.1 to make her actually play the drum after the quest is completed.


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  3. Gil's Guar Travel Service

    This mod adds a network of guar and cart travel services to Vvardenfell. They mostly cover shorter trips, and are intended to connect some settlements that were otherwise tedious or repetitive to get to due to a lack of travel options. Currently, guar and cart travel services are available in Ald'ruhn, Balmora, Caldera, Ebonheart, Hla Oad, Pelagiad, Seyda Neen, and Suran.
    Other than the locations chosen, the main differences between this and previous versions of the same idea is that all carters have proper destination topics, and conditions so that they can no longer offer their services once their pack guar has died.
    While not strictly incompatible, it is not recommended to use this mod alongside other ones that implement the same idea. Alternatives I know of include:
    Chariots by Arcimaestro Antares Guar Caravaners by Grond1911 Guar Taxi Service by Merlord Guar Travel by Zobator


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  4. Paxon the Pack Rat

    This mod adds "Paxon, the Pack Rat" to your game.
    As the name implies, Paxon is a "Pack" Rat. He's difficult to kill, hard to lose, and can carry a lot of stuff. He will also fight beside you.
    Paxon can be found in the courtyard of the Census and Excise Office, in Seyda Neen.
    Give him stuff to carry and try not to trip over him.
    (It's not a very complicated mod to play.)


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