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  1. Master Index Redux

    "The Master Index is what I hope to make out of all my research. It combines the combined magical patterns and enchantments into one, making a universal index for all of the propylons on Vvardenfel. Of course, to make it I'd need to copy the enchantment from the other indexes first, which is where you'd help in my project."
    This mod intends to revise certain aspects of the Master Index official plugin and make it more streamlined and sensible.

    This mod changes several aspects of the Master Index quest and plugin, including Changes to dialogue and quest entries. I felt some where rather wooden and made Folms Mirel a robotic and ungrateful sounding individual. Some dialogue added to Folms and other NPCs to add some depth and backround to the quest. The functionality of the Master Index has changed, with it needing the use of a Propylon in the Caldera Mages Guildhall instead of talking to Folms for transport to strongholds, making it useful for players taking the Silent Pilgrimage. Some quest aspects have changed, including the aquisition of certain Propylon indices. Some alterations to the Caldera Mages Guildhall, including a basement workshop for Folms and his custom Propylon.
    Some things I want to update later include Updating the basement workshop and maybe some new meshes to tidy up the Propylon on display there. Adding some more quest enhancers to improve the overall quality of the quest. An oppurtunity for Folms to show off his work to the guild and replace the guild guides with some successfully replicated Propylons. Some documents and notes to add some more backround to Folm's research, maybe with some illustrations and schematics.

    This mod is built on the original plugin, meaning you only need to download this mod. This means it's incompatible with the original mod, and any other Master Index mod for that matter. It may also conflict with any mods that edit the interrior of the Mages Guildhall or Irgola's pawnshop in Caldera.

    This mod has been tested and works with Caldera Mage's Guild Expanded.

    There is a compatibility patch availible for Caldera Mage's Quarters, which should be loaded after Caldera Mage's Quarters.


    Some recommended mods: Improved Propylon Particles by starwarsgal9875: Adds nicer, more FPS-friendly particles which fill the entire propylon chamber. Propylon Pillar Retexture by Alaisiagae: Adds glowmaps to the propylon pillar text, adding some nice visual variety.




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