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Modding Hall is pleased to announce our partnership with the Morrowind Modjam, hosted by Morrowind Modding Showcases, RingComics and DanaePlays!
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    We will be revealing the themes chosen by our judges and modders, having some games to play with prizes to win, and of course, announcing the winners of the modjam! During the stream, we will supporting LooseNooseGooseJuice's cat charity! We have two special guests for the stream and somebody told me there will be Dagothwave... See you then! RingComics' Twitch Channel Cat Charity GoFundMe
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    Tune to TTV/DanaePlays to: Discover the final 10 short-listed themes Vote one last time to determine this Modjam's theme. Chat with our guests
  4. Poll will be published once mod submission time has closed.
  5. Use the poll to vote for your favourite themes. This will be updated with the nominated themes after they have been submitted.
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    The themes are in, so get modding!
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    Vote for your favourite themes here.

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