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ModJam Info. - Summer '21


Modding Hall is pleased to announce our partnership with the Morrowind Summer Modjam 2021, hosted by Morrowind Modding Showcases, RingComics and DanaePlays!


Just make a mod in 48 hours based on a theme:

  • Plot twist #1! You, the Morrowind community picks the theme
  • Plot twist #2! The final vote for the them will be held live, with guests and games
  • Plot twist #3! You don't need to mod to join the fun

There are a few ways to join in, and the choice. is. yours.

  • Submit and vote on themes
  • Make a mod, duh.
  • Join the livestreams: chat with modders, play mini-games, win prizes...


  • Submit themes right now right here
  • 17-24 July Vote for themes here
  • July 24 Theme reveal livestream with Danae
  • July 24-25 Make a mod  
  • July 31 Result livestream with RingComics

This calendar is also available to see the specific times relative to your profile timezone.


Pretty simple: work solo, max 48 hours, modder's resources allowed
Publish your mod before July 26 in the ModJam Entries section, and include the banner at the bottom of this page


  • Judges' Choice Award
  • Players' Choice Award
  • All that in 48 hours Award
  • Nailed the Theme Award

Winners will see their mod showcased and will receive the adoration of the Morrowind community. Ok, there might be prizes too!


Come join us over in #modjam-2021-chat at Modding Modding Community Discord, or over in the Community forum.


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