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Save the Date 1.0.1

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Save the Date

This mod implements requirements to begin (most) Daedric quests. Each of the affected quests can be started only on the Daedric Prince's summoning day - one day a year - a la Daggerfall. In addition, you must possess an appropriate offering - usually ingredients - a la Oblivion.
Several additional supporting changes have been made:
- Formerly hostile worshippers in a few of the shrines are no longer hostile, and have new dialogue (with a new journal entry for each quest laying out the requirements for summoning the Daedric Prince).
- All the stuff in these few dungeons which was previously unowned is now owned, as the worshippers are no longer hostile. They may be (more or less) friendly, but they will take violent exception to you stealing their stuff.
- New NPCs with appropriate dialogue have been added to the Shrine of Azura, along with a few other items to make the place look a bit lived in (though still spartan).
- The Book of Daedra now lists the summoning days of the Daedric Princes.
A few specific notes about all this:
First, this mod affects five of the seven Daedric quests. Mephala and Boethiah are exceptions. Mephala doesn't have a proper shrine and you get her quest from an NPC. And, considering the state of his shrine, Boethiah is desperate.
Second, while you can learn the summoning days from a book as well as from the Daedric Princes' worshippers, only the worshippers can tell you the required offerings. They'll do so right away as long as you talk to them. But don't go around killing them willy-nilly without speaking to them first. (Though the offerings are generally at least somewhat appropriate for the Prince in question, and might be guessed.)
Third, two faction quests involve killing formerly hostile worshippers at these shrines. In these cases, combat can now be initiated via dialogue, if you don't want to attack them unprovoked.
This mod edits the scripts on the relevant Daedric statues, so anything that modifies the same scripts will conflict. It also edits a number of mostly obscure NPCs.
The cell edits are unlikely to conflict, though there might be problems with any mod that makes significant changes to the Shrine of Azura.
Version History
Version 1.0.1 - 2021-08-24
   - When you activate the statues on the wrong day, or without the required offering, a messagebox will now appear inviting you to take a hike.
   - On the right day and with the right offering, a messagebox will now ask to confirm that you'd like to leave the offering (a la the Seven Graces Temple shrines).
   - "Daedra Lord" changed to "Daedric Prince" in the new journal entries.
   - Carried over a Patch for Purists fix to the Book of Daedra.
   - Minor tweak to Molag Bal worshippers' dialogue.

Version 1.0 - 2021-07-25
   - Initial release.
Feel free to contact me on the Nexus or Moddinghall with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.

Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the plugin to your Data Files directory and select it in the Morrowind Launcher.

You can use this however you want.


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