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Izi_AldRuhn_Less_Pointy_MRM_RRGhostGate_Patch_by_Suki 1.0.0

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Welcome, Moon and Star

This patch repairs some terrain issues in between Ald'Ruhn and Ghostgate Fence / Red Mountain

This was caused by these mods being used together;

1. MRM-Non_Point.esm
2. RR_Ghost_Gate_Fortress_Eng.ESP
3. Izi Cities - Ald'ruhn.esp        
Load the above mods in the listed order.
This load order had the least amount of confliction for me
Load my patch AFTER all the above mods.
This may work with the original version of mountainous red mountain as well, I have not tested

It is recommended you also use 'RRGhostgate_Less_Pointy_MRM_Patch_by_Suki.esp'

That patch fixes the problems cause by the other two mods in this list.
This patch does not require 'RRGhostgate_Less_Pointy_MRM_Patch_by_Suki.esp' to work but you will most
    likely still have conflicts between the Mountainous Red Mountain and RR Ghostgate Fortress.
Preferred load order looks like this;
    1. MRM-Non_Point.esm
    2. RR_Ghost_Gate_Fortress_Eng.ESP
    3. Izi Cities - Ald'ruhn.esp
    4. RRGhostgate_Less_Pointy_MRM_Patch_by_Suki.esp
    5. Izi_Aldruhn_Less_MRM_RRGhostGate_Patch_by_Suki.ESP

There is an 'issue' concerning reaching Fadathram Ancestral Tomb. Sewing the seams together made the path
untraversable by normal means. I left this in instead of adding a walkway based on two things;
    1. Fadathram is a lost name. There are no Fadathram named characters on Vvardenfell. So their tomb has been         abondoned for a long time.
    2. It's Morrowind, 'untraversable' is a design feature when you can levitate or hoptoad.

If this is disliked enough I'll update with a walkway.

    Drop 'Izi_Aldruhn_Less_MRM_RRGhostGate_Patch_by_Suki.ESP' into your Data Files folder
    Remove 'Izi_Aldruhn_Less_MRM_RRGhostGate_Patch_by_Suki.ESP' from your Data Files folder

    Piratelord for their work on the original Mountainous Red Mountain mod
    Hollaajith for their work on the Less Pointy Edition of Mountainous Red Mountain
    The Resdayn Revival Team for RR Ghostgate Fortress
    Izi for Izi Cities - Ald'Ruhn

    If you want to package this or any other patch by Suki you have free permission to do so.
    If anyone needs a patch for mods feel free to contact me in my discord channel https://discord.gg/pGnxZCa

   v1.0 - Initial Release

Everyone can use, package, whatever they wish. All patches by Suki are open permissions


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