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CCCP Magicka Regen 1.0

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This mod implements the magicka regen functionality of Class-Conscious Character Progression (CCCP), without any of that mod's other features.
Important Note: In order to experience this mod as intended, starting a new game is strongly recommended when installing the mod.
With this mod, magicka will regenerate over time. The rate of magicka regen depends on several factors: your class (specifically, your starting magic skills compared to the average), your current magic skills, your current willpower (including any fortify or drain/damage effects), and your fatigue ratio. The "magic skills" for the purposes of this mod are the six schools of magicka, plus Alchemy and Enchant.
Your current magicka will increase very slightly several times per second when regenerating. In addition, when a significant amount of game time passes (e.g. from waiting, resting, fast travel or training), your magicka will regenerate depending on how much time has passed, so you don't have to just stand around forever while your magicka slowly regenerates.
Magicka regenerates relatively slowly in general, though the regen rate can vary significantly for different characters. Highly advanced, heavily magic-focused characters can potentially regenerate several points per second with default settings, though typical characters will regenerate magicka much more slowly (and non-magically inclined characters very slowly).
This mod's magicka regen respects the Stunted Magicka effect (e.g. from The Atronach birthsign in vanilla). A character affected by Stunted Magicka will not regenerate magicka.
It should also be noted that magicka regeneration with this mod affects only the player. Its calculations depend on your *starting* magic skills, and there's no good way to determine those for NPCs.
Several MCM settings affect magicka regen. The "base regen rate" is a straight percentage multiplier to regen rate.
The "initial magic skill offset" determines how important your *starting* magic skills are in calculating regen rate. The higher the offset, the less difference there will be between high and low starting magic skills in terms of regen rate, while the lower the offset, the more influence your class (the initial values of your magic skills) has on how fast magicka regenerates.
"Regen rate progression" determines how quickly your regen rate increases as you raise your magic skills.
The "neutral willpower value" and "neutral fatigue ratio" are values for willpower and fatigue, respectively, that will result in a "normal" regen rate; when your willpower/fatigue are above these values, magicka will regen faster, and the opposite is true when willpower/fatigue are lower than these values.
"Willpower influence on regen rate" and "fatigue influence on regen rate" determine the extent to which willpower and fatigue, respectively, influence magicka regen rate.
Finally, magicka regen can be disabled entirely in the MCM, and there's a "debug mode" option for extensive logging, primarily during the mod's initial calculations.
It is *strongly* recommended that you start a new game with CCCP Magicka Regen, rather than installing the mod with a character in progress. Some of the mod's calculations are derived from your initial skills. These values can only be determined and the calculations performed at the beginning of the game, immediately after chargen (MWSE has no way of determining the initial value of a skill after the fact).
If you start using this mod mid-game, the calculations will assume that you started with all skills at average values, which will significantly skew regen calculations.
If you want to know more details about how the mod works, the code is pretty extensively (and in some places voluminously) commented. You should be able to look through main.lua and figure out what it's doing.
This mod requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build.
I recommend using Quest Skill Reward Fix alongside this mod. Quest Skill Reward Fix enables this mod to detect scripted skill increases gained through dialogue (as quest rewards). Unlike CCCP, this mod only monitors skill increases for the purpose of tracking your magic skills total for regen calculations, and there are no vanilla quests that raise any of the magic skills as a reward. However, if you're using any mods that add such quests, Quest Skill Reward Fix will allow this mod to detect those increases and improve your regen rate as intended.
Magicka Based Skill Progression is another recommended mod. MBSP makes magic skill progress when casting a spell depend on the spell's magicka cost, so you can't just repeatedly cast cheap 1-magicka spells and get full experience (and this is even more important with this mod's magicka regen). I do recommend lowering MBSP's XP-per-magicka value from the default of 0.2 (vanilla skill experience per 5 magicka expended). I think something like 0.0667 or 0.1 (vanilla skill experience per 15 or 10 magicka expended, respectively) is more reasonable.
This mod obviously should not be used alongside CCCP (or Galsiah's Character Development). You also probably won't want to use it together with any other magicka regen mod, though you might use a mod that allows NPC-only magicka regen, as this mod's regen applies only to the player. Otherwise, it is generally highly compatible, being an MWSE-lua mod.
This should go without saying, but this mod is not compatible with OpenMW.
Feel free to contact me on Moddinghall or the Nexus with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.

Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the MWSE directory to your Data Files directory.

CCCP Magicka Regen is only a small part of CCCP, which is based on Galsiah's Character Development. This mod is basically just a partial MWSE-lua implementation of Galsiah's ideas.

You can use this however you want.



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