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Imperium - Imperial Armour Expanded 1.0.0

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This mod sets out to do two things: First, add variety to the armours availible to players in the Legion and to reinforce that these are indeed uniforms: Imperial guards catching you wearing a uniform you shouldn't will get you in trouble. This mod also uses OAAB assets and items, requiring it to be installed.

List of features
- Studded leather, dragonscale, silver and newtscale cuirasses are now listed as Legion uniforms.
- The studded leather, chain, newtscale, silver, duke's silver and dragonscale armour sets have been completed, and the new pieces distributed among Legion members and smithies.
- Ash mask helmets can be found on legionnaires outside Buckmoth Legion fort and sold by Yambagorn gor-Shulor inside.
- All Order of Ebonheart members will now wear the Duke's Silver armour, including Varus Vantinius, Cavortius Albuttian, Joncis Dalomax and Sellus Gravius.
- Varus now has a unique helmet that he will don when duelling the player and can be taken from him after he's been defeated.
- Instead of being given armour pieces as a promotion bonus, the player is issued with a choice of leather, chain or steel armour when they join the Legion. Upon being promoted to Knight Errant, the player is offered a set of their choice of newtscale, dragonscale or templar. Similarly, when the player becomes a member of the Order of Ebonheart, they will be offered a full set of Duke's silver armour through Sirollus Saccus.
- Non-Legion affiliated players can be arrested by Legion guards for wearing Legion uniforms. Legionnaires who aren't a member of the Order of Ebonheart will also be barred from wearing Duke's Guard silver armour.

In terms of compatibility, this mod adds a script to the vanilla newtscale, silver and dragonscale cuirasses to make them Legion uniforms. The stats for newtscale armour have also been changed to make it more viable for players to use. This likely means that if there are any mods that edit those values, they will be incompatible.

This mod should also be compatible with my Castle Ebonehart mod.

If you have installed the beta of this mod, it is recommended that you uninstall it, and probably start a new save as this mod makes a lot of changes to the original ID structure and other technical stuff.

The mod also changes the inventories of a lot of Legion members. However, by and large these NPCs are inconsequential and are mostly generic and unlikely to be affected by any other mods. The interiorrs of most Legion garrisons have also had changes, but these are mostly just for adding armour pieces to shelves and armouries with no drastic layout changes.

This mod should be compatible with Patch for Purists, and I'd recommend installing it if you haven't already as it restores a missing upper arm model for the Templar armour. Due to how this mod changes some vanilla meshes (Duke's guard and regular silver cuirasses and the silver helmet), I would advise installing this mod after any large patches.



If you want to follow development the mod, report any bugs or contribute to the my Legion expansion project, you can join my discord here.


Feel free to edit this mod as you like. I don't mind anyone editing and publishing the mod, just as long as it isn't a direct reupload of it.
Should this mod remain in beta indefinitely, feel free to download it, polish it up and release your own version.

Thanks to quorn and Alaisiagae for their armour resources. Thanks also to xeno for making the crest on Varus Vantinius' helmet and to Yar Yulme for the Duke's Guard helmet from his Nif Resources.


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