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Ravenloft Manor 5.02d

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  • basically, a house mod.
  • big, big, big house mod.
  • many rooms, lots of storage and display.
  • retextured everything.
  • no items, ueber or otherwise, just emepy house for the player to fill.

Playing the Mod

  1. Find the Ravenloft Amulet in Seyda Neen (its not very hard to find)
  2. Note: You can also get the amulet via the console command "player->additem RavenlofAmulet 1" if you don't feel like searching much or cannot find it.
  3. when you equip the amulet, you will be teleported to Ravenloft
  4. once in Ravenloft, you will find documents describing the place in detail
  5. to get out of Ravenloft, use magic or one of the teleporters in the Teleportation Chamber

Known Issues

  • due to the fact that I lifted the alchemy jars/cat/scripts from the Kaleigh's Retreat mod, the two mods (Ravenloft and KR) are probably not compatible now - script and item duplication I guess. I have not tested it, so let me know, maybe its ok?


  1. unzip files right into your Morrowind/Data Files folder
  2. enable the mod in your Data Files list when you next start the game.

Ravenloft will not invalidate your saved game, provided you are not running any previous versions of Ravenloft (please read the Upgrading From Earlier Versions section below.)

I took great care to make this mod as unobtrusive as possible, so unless you actually teleport into the complex, you will not see any changes in the game world. Because of this, there should be no problems or conflicts with other mods (except as listed in the Issues section below.)


  • you are permitted to use the mod, obviously. 🙂
  • you are permitted to distribute it free of charge, but give credit.
  • you are permitted to modify it, but give credit.
  • if you do a good add-on, let me know, I will include it with next version.


Lots of people, most notably Bethesda for creating such an awesome game like Morrowind, but also, of course, all the other modders out there whose work I used, either directly, or as inspiration:

  • LordYig, Silvery, TextureFreak, Breado, Dracus - for tapestries, pictures, and carpets;
  • Andoreth, kwShipman - for alchemy jars and sorter scripts;
  • Korana - I lifted the bookshelf-containers in Library from the Xanterra Keep;
  • Vitality7 - for the great 3D textured map of Vvardenfell;
  • GrumblePunk - for the skeletal mannequins textures and meshes;

...and probably many many more...
I am sorry if I do not list you all, but, truth be told, I am not sure, at some point I was just grabbing textures from my textures folder and often could not trace who they originated with. So, if you find your stuff for which you did not receive a due credit, please email me, and I will either give you the credit (if you allow me to use your stuff) or remove it from my mod (in case you object to the usage.)

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One of the biggest and best housing mods.  Plenty of storage room and mannequins everywhere 🙂
'Interactive' map is a nice feature - if a little cheaty.

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