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Rethinking Vivec 1.2a

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The problem with Vivec is not actually that the cantons are not open or that it doesn't look like the concept art (it can't, the proportions in the art are all wrong).

The actual problem with Vivec is first its lack of content and second its limited nature - you can only enter and exit cantons at predetermined points and have to walk around on the inside and the outside to go to them, throwing your sense of orientation off. This mod was supposed to fix this, to a degree, and then it feature creeped.

I have been working on it on and off for the last 5 years and it's about time somebody else picks it up or is inspired by it or whatever. So here it is, warts and barely tested and everything. Have fun!


  1. Cantons are open (the mod is based on No-Frills Open Vivec, Paper Map version),
  2. Docks are added to St. Delyn and St. Olms, accessible either through the exterior or the storage interiors (which were, conveniently, set up as if Bethesda had always intended to be docks there),
  3. Boat travel connections have has been redirected there,
  4. Flower beds and pots have been added all over the place,
  5. Additional access has been added to various interiors (the Foreign Quarter's Imperial Cult shrine, the Redoran and Telvanni Canton's Underworks, some corner clubs, the Library of Vivec, some offices),
  6. The library of Vivec has been expanded a bit, adding more Tamriel_Data books while keeping to the theme of light entertainment and faith-based works,
  7. Added an office to the Mages Guild where Treboninus now resides,
  8. Merged the Foreign Quarter Waistworks into one interior - you can now look down from the very top to the very bottom,
  9. Relocated the point- and useless Foreign Quarter merchants to the new harbors,
  10. Added a Briricca bank branch to the Foreign Quarter,
  11. Started reworking some of the plazas now that the flora is on the lower levels.


Yep. Patches for TR_Travels are included, but that's it for now.
It's my way or the highway!


Yes, actually.

  1. More direct interior <-> exterior connections, particularly in the Foreign Quarter and the Redoran canton,
  2. The Saint cantons interiors are suffering from the appartments, they should be turned into essentially indoor malls,
  3. More books in the library,
  4. Do something better with the Mages Guild (I need a sigil),
  5. More plaza overhauls,
  6. Better entrance area in the Foreign Quarter,
  7. Guar stables (update the guar quest that leads to Vivec to lampshade this too),
  8. Add the Hlaalu Company Bank to the Hlaalu canton,
  9. Compatibility patches,
  10. More vanilla quest integration in general,
  11. More quests


Cemkey and DonnerGott made the open canton meshes and inverted gondola piers.
Atrayonis (this is me! adore me!) did the rest.

Edited by Atrayonis

What's New in Version 1.2a   See changelog


Finally found those floating lanterns people kept reporting

CemKey - the two open canton meshes

  • Free to use in Morrowind mods.

DonnerGott - the inverted gondola dock

  • Feel free to use.

Ignatious - Editing works on the canton meshes

  • Use em for whatever.

Darkfri - Further editing works on the canton meshes

  • Feel free to use them.

Melchior Dahrk - The Crystal mesh

  • Free to use. Credit is appreciated.


  • Free to use.

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