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Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched 3.1.0a

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(Note, description copied from NexusMods.com. Only change between this version and the version on Nexus is this one has a slight edit to entertainers.esp that removes an extra space in a greeting.) 
UMOPP v3.1.0a
Now with Better Armors Compatibility!

UMOPP just got a whole lot simpler. No, seriously, everything about UMOPP is much more straight-forward. Each plugin now has a better description of what it does, and all extra add-ons and "better" plugin versions have been removed. Why? Because they go far beyond the scope of what UMOPP ever intended to be. If you are worried that all of those old plugins will be gone forever, you can find them in my Miscellaneous Mods page. This way, UMOPP can focus on achieving its goals.
Note: I've also updated the layout of the main page to clarify certain details. Hope this helps!


UMOPP is now much more purist-friendly: changes have been made to avoid ruining the vanilla experience (which means the more subjective edits have been removed). 2.x was a step in the right direction, but 3.x plans on keeping a stricter focus on purist-friendliness.

The compatibility versions of the plugins are as follows:

  • Adamantium Armor: Removes the duplicate Adamantium Armor set references from Tribunal (Requires Tribunal).
  • LeFemm Armor: Removes the female cuirass edits, as well as edits to Sirollus Saccus.
  • Siege at Firemoth: Reduces the number of Cell edits in the Firemoth Region, and increases compatibility with Rebirth by mitigating the edits to the gates in Seyda Neen. Now compatible with LGNPC!



  • Morrowind
  • Tribunal (For the Merged and the Adamantium Armor compatibility versions)




  • Simple file structure with all of UMOPP's main files.

UMOPP Merged and Compatibility Files

  • It contains compatibility patches and merged versions for the Official Plugins. Requires UMOPP Main. If you wish to use one of the merged versions for UMOPP, make sure to disable the .esps for the individual plugins before playing.

Known Issues



Feel free to edit and redistribute, but please credit Bethesda for their work, and me for mine.

Special Thanks

-Bethesda for Morrowind, the Construction Set, and the Official Plugins along with all the issues they brought :3
-The creators of NifSkope and NifSkope 2.0, a very useful community modding resource
-The makers of TES Advanced Editor, TESTool, escog, tes3cmd, and TESPCD, all of which helped keep these plugins down to size 😛
-The Blender Foundation
-Wrye Mash for granting the ability to redate plugins
-Nexus, Morrowind Mod History, and Great House Fliggerty for hosting mods
-The Morrowind Modding Discord, and the people in it (you guys are awesome)
-And finally, you the mod user for being nice enough to download and try this mod.

I am not affiliated with, nor claim any rights to Morrowind, Bethesda, or any assets contained inside this plugin, even my edits. Anything Bethesda would (despite the unlikeliness of it occurring) request of me regarding this mod (such as removal, taking credit for, etc.) is completely legal and is part of the agreement I made in creating this mod. Thank you for your understanding!

Install the contents from UMOPP Main via the mod manager of your choice, or drag the contents into your Morrowind\Data Files directory.

Install any files from the UMOPP Compatibility archive you want (recommended Adamantium Armor and LeFemme at the very least if you would like to use those plugins, as they have tribunal as a dependency and make fewer edits to armor items.)

Bethesda for the original official plugins


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