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50 more classes for TES3:Morrowind

Most are just NPC classes copied to a new ID and made playable (thank
you enchanted editor), some are NPC classes I renamed and repurposed
(thanks again enchanted editor) (as I didnt feel that some N'wah fresh
off the boat would be an Ashlander Champion Wise Woman or Vivec's personal
Ordinator Guard.( Though how you roleplay is your business but this is my
mod.)), and a few are new ones I came up with.

That was quite the run-on sentence, let's try that again...

Most are just NPC classes copied to a new ID and made playable, some are
NPC classes I renamed and repurposed, and a few are new ones I came up with.

These are all new IDs and don't touch vanilla at all so there will be no conflicts.

Some of the NPC classes are boring commoner stuff like farmer, trader, gardener,
and even commoner, etc. I also added Tamriel Rebuilt's NPC class of Baker.
But of course theres the cool ones too, enchanter, alchemist, necromancer,
warlock, sharpshooter, etc.

Heres the list of classes and descriptions, its too much work listing the stats you'll
just have to go in game to see them. The descriptions are just a rough draft but in all
honesty I most likely won't put any more effort in them lol.

Artificers are experts in use of equipment, enchantments, and potions, and are good at ranged and melee combat.

Adventurers take on any job from the mundane to the impossible in search of trinkets and trophies for their collection. They will use any means at their disposal to accomplish their task.

Alchemists earn a living by collecting ingredients, making potions, and trading them. They usually are also skilled in enchantments and spell casting.

Specialists in mind tricks the Archimage prefers to use persuasion and magic over resorting to barbaric combat, however can handle themselves in a fight if needed.

Bakers have a fair knowledge of alchemical and tasty ingredients and usually make a living preparing breads and pastries for sell.

Bandits are skilled warriors who make a living with burglary and robbery.

Brawlers live for combat, they use weapons and offensive magic. When they get injured are capable of healing themselves.

A caster is a surefooted archer who travels light and uses magic.

A commoner that specializes in making and mending clothing and jewelry.

A person who has no specialization in life, doing whatever mundane task needs to be done.

Duelists prefer close quarters combat, always testing and improving their skill and looking for a worthy fight. They disaprove of ranged weapons, sneaking around stabbing people in the back, and using magic.

Enchanters specialized in making and using enchanting items, but are also adept at other magic such as alchemy and spell casting.

Enforcers are elite agents and assassins.

A commoner that grows crops and breeds livestock.

A commoner that earns a living by catching and selling fish.

A skilled marksman and armorer.

A commoner with a green thumb.

A hardened warrior who thrives by battling in arenas and is skilled with all melee weapons and armors

Commoner that cares for livestock

Skilled marksmen that hunt at range for their food. They are good at sneaking up on their prey as well as defending themselves.

A gambler that relys on luck and being sneaky.

Adventurers that look for things to do, see, and write about.

A specialist in casting spells, but not a very a good fighter.

A versatile warrior that fights and steals for money.

A commoner that earns a living through trading goods for profit.

Commoners that work in egg or mineral mines. They have uncommon strength and stamina, and are practiced at swinging a pick and are skilled at repair.

Mages who use their skills to summon deadly creatures to their aid.

The elite rich and politically powerful people of a social group.

A thief and fighter who cares little for the law.

The poorest of commoners, only one step higher than a slave.

A bandit of the high seas, skilled in combat, security, as well as sailing.

Priests provide help to the needy, and trouble for the evil in the world.

A common businessman that runs taverns and inns.

A skilled hand to hand fighter

Rangers travel light and use stealth and cunning in battle.They are skilled marksmen but often prefer a longblade.

Sailors are born and conditioned for life on the seas, and often haggling for profit.

A person of wide learning and cosmopolitan tastes. Well-traveled, educated, refined in manner, able to converse on various topics with authority, and ever ready to defend honor, and the honor of companions.

Well educated and well spoken, scholars are always in search of more knowledge.

The shaman relies on his mystical powers drawn from his worship of nature and animal spirits. They are known to be able to summon living creatures to fight by their sides, and are proficient with various weapons.

A sharpshooter is a master of the various marksman weapons, often makes a living as a mercenary, working on short contracts as a caravan guard or expedition escort, or for long term contracts to nobles or merchants

A thief and con-artist that takes little to chance by relying on skill and ability over luck.

Slaves clean, prepare food, fetch and carry, do the shopping and marketing, and do other tasks too tiresome or menial for thier master which makes them high in endurance and have veritile skills.

A smith is proficient in using, making, selling, and repairing weapons and armor.

Smugglers buy, sell, and transport illegal and stolen goods.

An assassin that specializes in long range executions but is also capable of infiltration and stealth if the situation requires it.

A trained warrior that is well disiplined and well rounded in the skills of combat.

A general merchant. Traders buy and sell a little of everything -- weapons ,armor, clothes, books, miscellaneous items of all kinds, whatever they can get their hands on.

A spell user that prefers elemental attacks, manipulates the physical world and natural properties, and alters the perceptions and thoughts of living beings often for selfish or evil reasons.

A spell user that captures souls and summons monsters, manipulates the physical world and natural properties, and alters the perceptions and thoughts of living beings, often for selfish or evil reasons.

Wizard is just another word for mage. The major difference between a wizard and a mage is a wizard prefers to use a wand or staff instead of a dagger.


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