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Redoran Hortator Armor Chest


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Redoran Hortator Armor Chest

Redoran Hortator Armor Chest

A TES3:Morrowind mod by Stripes

For Spring ModJam 2021


Kitbashed a couple Redoran armor things together, calling it Hortator Armor.
Enchanted some generic redoran bonemold armor for good measure.

The armor can be found in a locked chest in the Ald-ruhn practice room.
There is no key but the chest will open for the Ring of the Hortator.
or you can unlock by other means.

Check out Endoran's edit of this mod which implements it better.

Redoran Hortator Shield - Reflect 50 duration 180
Redoran Hortator Helm - CE Night Eye 50 Sanctuary 10
Gah-Julan Bonemold Cuirass - Resist magicka 10 for 60 sec
Gah-Julan Bonemold L Pauldron - Resist poison 10 for 60 sec
Gah-Julan Bonemold R Pauldron - Resist frost 10 for 60 sec
Bonemold Left Bracer - Resist fire 10 for 60 sec
Bonemold Right Bracer - Resist shock 10 for 60 sec
Bonemold Boots - Resist paralysis 90 for 60 sec
Bonemold Greaves - Resist magicka 10 for 60 sec



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