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[21 - Week 28] Content worthy of the Bitter Cup

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  • User Engagement
    • Added badges functionality (indicative of quality of engagement)
      • Badges are predominately automatically awarded for crossing various thresholds for the community to discover
      • Some badges may be manually granted by staff, or given out by event co-ordinators
      • Certain badges may allocate additional points towards ranks
      • Badges will be flagged as 'Rare' if they are held by less than a certain percentage of the user base
    • Added ranks (indicative of quantity of engagement)
    • These are separate systems from 'Reputation', which is only driven by user-to-user interaction
  • Improved spam management capabilities
    • Improved spam defence scoring
    • Introduced post trip words
      • e.g. a post containing the word 'cbd oil' might be held for moderator approval as it's more likely to be a spam post; but if it's just an adult themed mod - it'll be allowed through (provided it's tagged correctly)
      • We've configured a few already, but cannot communicate what they are as they are part of our spam defence - but please let us know if you have any issues with posts / content getting stuck in the mod queue whilst we're piloting this feature.
      • We do not intend to use this for censoring purposes at this time, just spam detection - but please continue to stay across the rules and terms of service in case this is to change (however we will endeavour to communicate any significant changes in this regard).
  • Added the ability for moderator messages to be optionally visible to users (e.g. see this file example)
  • Administrator post highlighting (e.g. see the frame around this post and the 'Administrators' badge)
    • At the moment, this is global across the platform.  Whilst this might be slightly annoying when we might not be posting a reply or anything from an 'admin' perspective, but just a normal comments or review on a mod, I'm hoping this will be offset by the fact our staff compliment is very small at present.  Later on, we'll try to extend the functionality to only be visible in certain areas, or selectively for certain posts (i.e. optionally 'in character' as an admin, otherwise just posting as a 'normal user')
  • Site health dashboard for administrators
  • Better push notifications functionality, permitting push notifications to still be received even if the site isn't open or your device is asleep
    • A reminder you can edit your notification preferences from the Notifications Settings page, including a global toggle for enabling / disabling push notifications at the bottom (after it's enabled, you'll still have to turn it on for the notifications you wish to receive via push)
  • Added 'Most Files' section to the Top Leaders tab on the Leaderboard page
  • Added 'upload chunking' functionality when uploading large mods; which should help prevent timeouts, memory issues, and general frustration
  • Adjusted Light Theme
    • Enabled fluid width for the Light Theme to align to Dark Theme
    • Adjusted thumbnail sizes in Downloads section to align to Dark Theme
  • Changed login to require your e-mail, rather than e-mail or display name
    • Allowing users to log in with a display name can represent a security weakness for our community because display names are public information and malicious users may attempt to login to multiple accounts with common passwords until they find an account for which the passwords work.
  • Labeled the button on the screenshots section of Downloads for uploaders that selects the 'default image' to display for the mod 'Primary', so it's function is slightly more intuitive (previously had no corresponding text)



  • 'Similar Content' block from the bottom of the Downloads page
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