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[21 - Week 29] Illusion affects the perception and mind

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  • Added Contact Us option to the Support tab
    • Whilst it's at the bottom of every page, it pays to be thorough 🙂



  • Changed site header size for both desktop, as well as mobile viewing
  • Replaced logos to the Dark Theme and Light Theme, as well as several other locations
    • Please let me know via the Contact Us button (bottom of the page) if you notice any issues (cut-off logo, scaling issues, etc.) either on the site, or in other locations (mobile app logo, notification e-mails, external embeds, etc.)
    • These logos are likely just placeholders until we prepare a full social kit.  If you know anyone with a flair for graphic design, please let us know.



  • Added a 'Source' button to the toolbar that allows users to edit the HTML of their posts
    • Does not bypass restrictions
    • Desktop interface support only; not supported on mobile / tablet
  • Added a 'Spoiler' button to the toolbar, so you can post quest secrets for your mods without spoiling it for those that like a challenge 🙂
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  • STiX changed the title to [21 - Week 29] Illusion affects the perception and mind

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