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Where is safe to build a landmass?

Alice In Wonderland


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Hey there,

I would avoid doing landmassing in TR or PT areas. 


This is a very very old map of Morrowind landmasses, however you can still see some of the more popular areas for landmasses. I would try and avoid those. Going to far out will result in graphical issues on NPCs (Only on the vanilla version). 


p.s. - There is a newer version of this map somewhere, though I cannot find it.

Hope it helps!

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Safe is relative to both how popular other landmass mods are and how far you're willing to go to increase likelihood of future compatibility.

I've attached one image (high-res source) that depicts how Tamriel will fit together after completion of Tamriel Rebuilt, Province: Cyrodill, Skyrim: Home of the Nords, Lyithdonea, Anthology Tomb of the Snow Prince, and Roscrea.  Sizes sourced are from LadyN and ArthomdeusD's maps.
Another source for Tamriel Rebuilt planning in particular is their Progress Report page, which shows where there are at - but also where they are planning to build into

I've also attached another image showing some other existing mods that create new landmass.  I don't believe we have an updated, near-complete image showing most of the popular mods.

The safest way to made a new area (unless you're building something truly gargantuan) is to build new housing estates, etc. within interior cells with a skybox like Mournhold.



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Ah, that's the map I was refering to. For some reason I couldn't find it 😛

Another thing that may intrest you is this map from the tes3 cartopgraphy discord server. It's an updated pt map also containing still wip areas. The map is from november. (Very big map- might take some time to load).

Obviously if you accidently make a landmass somewhere in a popular you can also move the landmass. Afaik as I know, the best tool for that is TESFaith#. Abot made a few 
tutorial videos about it.



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