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Dwemer Lightning Rods


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Dwemer Lightning Rods


If you look closely at the steamstack exhaust pipes at dwemer ruins, you may or may not have noticed that the spike on the side of them appears to be a large lightning rod. Did the dwemer harness the energy of thunderstorms? Or were they just safety conscious? We may never know. But with this mod, if you visit a dwemer ruin during a thunderstorm, you'll be greeted by blinding flashes as lightning strikes the steamstack rods. But be careful not to get too close lest you be shocked!

Note: Because the Ashlands, Molag Amur and Red Mountain regions (where a lot of dwemer ruins can be found) have no chance of thunderstorms in the vanilla game, you will only be able to experience active lightning rods there with weather affecting mods. Some recommendations:

  • Magicka Expanded : ME includes a weather magic pack where you can summon a thunder storm yourself!
  • Creeping Blight : Gives a small chance of rain and thunderstorms in the previously dry regions of Vvardenfell.
  • Weather Adjuster : If you just want to see the effect right away, Weather Adjuster is the perfect tool!

There is an MWSE version and OpenMW version included. Note that the MWSE version automatically replaces all tower in your entire game with lightning-ready versions including province mods, exterior overhauls, everything! The OpenMW version manually replaces all the towers on Vvardenfell in the base game but does not cover the province mods or any other mods.



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