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River Rock Falls


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River Rock Falls

This adds a large estate in its own interior cells. To access, go to the north wall entrance of Balmora. Follow the road north of Balmora until you reach the bridge. Before you get on the bridge, look left and down. You'll see a staircase down to the water. Go down the stairs and activate the rowboat.

This mod requires Tamriel_Data.

This house contains living/dining area, kitchen, utility room, bathroom, 3 small bedrooms, 1 master bedroom, library, a decent amount of storage and lots and lots of display space throughout the house and on the third floor.

Also, a small mushroom cave which has quite a few mushrooms in it.

The kitchen features The Wanderer's Alchemy Boxes. At my request, he added boxes for OAAB Data ingredients, ST Alchemy ( https://stuporstar.sarahdimento.com/other-mods/st-alchemy/ ) and Morrowind Crafting. There is also an icebox included to store cooked foods from Ashfall, Morrowind Crafting or any other mod that adds such a feature.

There is not an alchemy sorter because a Morrowind script sorter will strip the Lua data from objects when sorted. If you want to make one with Lua that won't strip the data, please feel free and send it to me and I'll be happy to include it.

No mannequins are included as I find them creepy. If you must have mannequins, you can buy some in game with this mod: https://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/3611

Interop included for compatibility with Ashfall.

You can interact with the bathtub.

There is a teleport ring available somewhere in the house in one of the containers. Find it.

See the read me for more information.


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