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Full Winerack Resource


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Full Winerack Resource

This resource contains 8 filled wineracks, one of each of the base liquors: Cyrodiilic Brandy, Flin, Greef, Shein, Sujamma, Mazte, Skooma. The 8th is an assortment of liquors.

Xargoth made the 7 filled liquor-specific meshes.
DonnerGott made the Assorted Liquor mesh.

Both gentlemen kindly gave me permission to compile and release them as a resource for other modders. They deserve all the credit. Xargoth freely admitted there might be some floating bottles in the racks, but we agreed they could easily be explained by knots in the wood or other imperfections of building of the wineracks.

They are set as containers with the prefix winerack_ to keep them all together in the list. Only Bethesda's base graphics are used so if you use a texture replacer, they should look like whatever textures you are using.

When you use them, be sure to change the container ID and set a capacity for it as they are set to 0. Doing this will avoid conflicts with other mods that may use these also. I put the meshes in a folder named Deni but you can always change that if you wish.

There is also a room that displays the racks if you would like to see them beforehand. AAA-Winerack Room.

I made this years ago but am now getting around to uploading elsewhere.


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