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LeFemm Redacted

This mod adds several changes to the LeFemm/Tribunal cuirass replacers to make them more consistent with their male counterparts. By far one of my biggest pet peeves with the LeFemm content was that it made stylistic changes to the same items for no reasons. Wear one piece of armour as a male character and it's black, then wear the same piece of armour as a female character and it magically becomes purple!
Clearly, whoever made the original mod was not of sound mind, so I have taken it upon myself to ammend such insanity.

Currently this mod ammends the four cuirass replacers from the base LeFemm mod (no changes to the new armours added):
- Steel: The moulded ass guard has been replaced with the vanilla steel skirt, and the red cross belt has been removed.
- Netch: Nothing much has been changed, though the belt and scarf textures have been changed to make them match the male cuirass' textures.
- Imperial Chain: The weird hanging gems have been removed, and the front fastening for the leather harness has been given an imperial buckle texture. The strange chain apron has also been replaced with the regular armoured imperial chain skirt.
- Imperial Steel: The leopardskin scarf and belt trim have been replaced with a more universal Imperial belt trim texture, and the purple steel chestplate texture has been replaced with the standard Legion cuirass texture.

This mod will of course require either LeFemm armour or Tribunal.

Future plans include fixing up the other problems with these meshes, including some UV errors and other modelling mishaps that they shipped with. I might also consider revising Bloodmoon's female cuirass meshes, or adding a male model for the gold and domina LeFemm meshes.


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