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Adamantium Armor Integrated


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Adamantium Armor Integrated

Adamantium Armor Integrated


This mod places one copy of each adamantium armor piece (except the helm) in Vvardenfell. You never know where you'll find them, but they're definitely not for sale.
The official plugin Adamantium Armor makes these same pieces available in Vvardenfell, but makes them rather easy to buy or steal. Adamantium armor is supposed to be rare.
Unfortunately, without the Adamantium Armor plugin, it was so rare that practically speaking the only way to acquire a complete set was to murder an important NPC or two. This mod finds a middle ground: adamantium armor is still a rare and precious find, but between Vvardenfell and Mournhold you should be able to put together a complete set without having to resort to ultraviolence against friendly people.
Like the official plugin, this mod omits the helm. The official plugin Helm of Tohan makes a unique adamantium helm available on Vvardenfell. (If you want to use it, I recommend the UMOPP version.)
The "spoilers" document included in the archive lists the locations of each piece.


Unlike the official plugin Adamantium Armor, this plugin requires Tribunal.

Version History

Version 1.0 - 2020-03-26
   - Initial release.


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