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Enhanced Detection Lite


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Enhanced Detection Lite

Enhanced Detection Lite

This mod is a lite version of OperatorJack's Enhanced Detection, based on version 1.2.2 of that mod, modified to remove various non-vanilla changes.
There are two versions of this mod: Lite and Less Lite.
Lite Version
The Lite version cuts all non-visual changes from ED, such as new magic effects and spells, and spells added to NPCs. Basically, this version just adds the cool new visual effects to the vanilla Detect Animal/Enchantment/Key effects, without any other changes.
It differs from the full ED in the following ways:
1. The full version requires Magicka Expanded to create its new magic effects. This version does not require ME (because it only modifies the VFX of the existing effects).
2. ED adds a number of new magic effects to the game, such as Detect Daedra, Detect Door and Detect Trap. These new effects are not present in this version.
3. ED adds several new spells with the new magic effects, and modifies a few vanilla spells to add additional magic effects. The Lite version omits those changes.
4. The full version adds spells to a number of NPCs. This version does not.
Less Lite Version
The Less Lite version is similar to the Lite version in that it removes many non-vanilla changes from ED, but it leaves mostly intact ED's Detect Trap and Detect Door effects. (Each effect can be disabled in the Mod Config Menu, if you don't care for one.)
Detect Trap is included because it's particularly useful with Locks and Traps Detection, which makes whether or not you can detect a trap depend on your security skill, among other things. The Detect Trap effect gives magically-inclined characters another way to detect traps.
Detect Door is included primarily for those using Map and Compass, which hides the local map, making the ability to know where the doors are in a dungeon more useful.
1. Unlike the Lite version, this version does require Magicka Expanded, because it creates new magic effects.
2. Detect Trap and Detect Door are added, while ED's other new effects are not.
3. The Detect Trap effect is added to the vanilla Detect Key spell, as well as the Beggar's Nose spell associated with the birthsign The Tower.
4. A new spell containing the Detect Door effect is added to a number of spell vendors. No other new spells are added or vanilla spells modified. (Detect Key is not added to additional spell merchants, unlike in the original ED.)
5. The Detect Key and Beggar's Nose spells have seen their radius, duration and magicka cost adjusted from ED to be basically the same as in vanilla Morrowind.
6. The new effects cannot be cast on touch/target, consistent with the vanilla detect effects.
7. There is now a Mod Config Menu with options to disable each new effect individually, so if you don't care for the Detect Trap or Detect Door effect, you can avoid adding it to your game. (If you don't want either, then just use the Lite version instead.)
8. There is also a "BTBGI Mode" option that adjusts the spell changes and the base cost of the new effects for consistency with BTB's Game Improvements. With BTBGI Mode, radius and duration of the affected spells are increased and magicka cost reduced, in line with BTBGI's changes. Also, Beggar's Nose is not modified, since BTBGI makes that spell into a permanent ability and removes Detect Key. And the base cost of the new effects is drastically lowered to match the vanilla detect effects.
Additionally, there's one more change compared to the full version of ED made in both the Lite and Less Lite versions.
OperatorJack's original mod makes a few changes to the functionality of the vanilla detect effects. With the full version of ED, the Detect Animal effect only detects "normal" creatures (i.e. excluding Daedra, undead, and humanoid creatures). It doesn't detect "automatons" like Dwemer centurions, and it also doesn't detect NPCs, even if you're using the Morrowind Code Patch feature that normally makes it do so. This is because ED adds new effects to detect NPCs and those other types of creatures.
Also, the full version changes the Detect Enchantment effect to also detect soulgems, which it doesn't do in vanilla.
The Lite and Less Lite versions revert these changes. Detect Animal will detect all creatures, as in vanilla, and it will also detect NPCs if you're using the relevant MCP patch, while Detect Enchantment will not detect soulgems.
As an MWSE mod, this mod requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build. (As of October 2020, you need a relatively recent MWSE version for this mod to work properly.)
This version of ED contains only the modified MWSE-lua files, not the other assets (meshes, textures, icons) for ED. As such, it requires the original Enhanced Detection. Install the full version first, so this version will overwrite it.
The Lite version of the mod, unlike the full ED, does not require Magicka Expanded, so if you use that version there's no need to install ME. The Less Lite version, however, does require ME.
Feel free to contact me on the Nexus or Moddinghall with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.


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