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Anna Sera


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Anna Sera

A boathouse near Seyda Neen that I made for myself, Id be open to suggestions and If anyone really wants the boat in a different location LMK. ALSO if there is anyone out there with the know how to make this boat mobile let me know I would love to see her functional. For now it is what it is 🙂 one of my very first creations I made in honor of my late father who used to take me sailing as a kid, he also got me into ES in the first place. P.S. I HIGHLY recommend you check the actor collision box fix in MCP for this is tightly cluttered and MUCH easier to navigate with the collision box fix. Also if you are using the new lighthouse in Seyda Neen Gateway to Vvardenfell or Beautiful Cities by RandomPal please use the .esp with BC at the end and load it after such a mod. 

Morrowind Code Patch 2.5 2_12_2021 11_10_48 PM.png


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