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BTB's Game Improvements - Necro Edit (Morrowind#)

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BTB's Game Improvements - Necro Edit (Morrowind#)

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This is an edit of BTB's Game Improvements - Necro Edit for use with my Morrowind# modding guide.

The following changes have been done compared to the original:

  • Removal of Race and Birthsign edits, including Spells, Powers, and Abilities (use Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns instead).
  • Reverting to BTB's original weight values for alchemy apparatus.
  • Reverting changes to Glass equipment availability, while increasing their value.
  • Incorporation of There Can Be Only One's changes to fixed Daedric equipment, while leaving behind the changes that make all pieces "one of a kind".
  • Restoration of the Sword of White Woe, Creeper and Mudcrab barter AIs, and removal of the Imperial Guard at Caldera Guild of Mages (use Morrowind Anti-Cheese instead).
  • Removal of creature stat buffs, while keeping edits related to Soul values, diseases, spells (for continuity), and bug fixes intact.

The download includes patches for Realistic Repair Add-On (to address a small conflict with Arrille's inventory) and More Deadly Morrowind Denizens - Creatures Add-On.


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