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Additional Splash Screens


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Additional Splash Screens

I was always fine with Morrowind's vanilla loading screens. In fact, I liked them! They were interesting enough to look at, but simple enough that they weren't distracting or annoying. The only real problem was a lack of variety: by default, Morrowind has a mere 11 different loading screens! By comparison, Oblivion has 45, not counting the ones added by its expansion pack. A few people have previously tried to remedy this problem with varying degrees of success - most successfully Alaisiagae - but the more, the merrier, I thought, and it was an opportunity to hone my Photoshop skills a bit. That's all this mod does or will do, add new loading screens to Morrowind's collection.

Currently, all new loading screens display creature(s), like the pre-existing ones. They are:

  • Ancestor Ghost
  • Cave Rat
  • Cliff Racer
  • Corprus Stalker/Lame Corprus
  • Mudcrab
  • Ash Slave/Ash Zombie/Ash Ghoul/Ascended Sleeper

More may be coming at some point, but they'll just be pumped out when I feel like it, so don't hold your breath. That's all!


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