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Projectiles Reintegrated

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Projectiles Reintegrated

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Projectiles Reintegrated increases the availability of projectiles all over Vvardenfell, by modifying vanilla containers shared by NPCs and those specific to certain NPCs as well, in addition to adding containers of its own when more specific changes were required.

This mod also reintegrates the new weapons and projectiles added by Hunter's Mark - A Marksman Mod, which fill in gaps in progression in the vanilla equipment, and thus requires said mod to function as intended. These items have also been redistributed among vendors and containers, as well as fitting NPCs and vanilla locations (in the case of the rarer equipment).

Included in Projectiles Reintegrated is a patch for Area Effect Projectiles Integrated (Area Effect Projectiles Integrated.ESP only), which addresses conflicts with one NPC. As a standalone download, I've uploaded a compatibility patch between Hunter's Mark and Tribunal Rebalance, which adjusts the stats of Goblin Arrows to better reflect their mook status.


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