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Redoran Founder's Helm Add-on - Arena Duel

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Redoran Founder's Helm Add-on - Arena Duel

This mod expands the vanilla quest to retrieve the Redoran Founder's Helm from Alvis Teri. It was designed for use with a mod that didn't allow taunting, such as No Taunting by Necrolesian. However, it will be perfectly playable without it.

In the vanilla game, you could taunt Alvis Teri into attacking you. With this mod, an extra dialogue option is unlocked to taunt him, after which you will be able to fight him at the Arena in Vivec. A much more epic alternative, fitting for a Redoran looking to defend his House's honor from a lousy thief!

There are three versions of the plugin available.

01 Closed Arena
    Vanilla version.
    Also compatible with Glass Domes of Vivec.
02 Atmospheric Arena
    Compatible with Glass Domes of Vivec - Atmospheric Arena.
03 Open Arena
    Compatible with No-Frills Open Vivec.
You only need one of these plugins, depending on your mod setup.


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