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Guard Sarethi Manor Add-on - Morag Tong Hit Squad

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Guard Sarethi Manor Add-on - Morag Tong Hit Squad

This mod expands the vanilla quest to guard Athyn Sarethi and the Sarethi Manor from the Morag Tong.

In the vanilla game, the Morag Tong assassins would most likely gang up on the player, who faced them head on to protect the Redoran councilor. I thought this was at odds with their primary target being Athyn Sarethi. What's more, there were only TWO assassins sent to kill Athyn Sarethi, which made the quest a bit boring.

Now, four Morag Tong assassins have been set to dispatch the Redoran councilor. Two of them will prioritize the execution of Athyn Sarethi, while the other two will try to eliminate the pesky nuisance you are proving to be. In addition to this, failing this quest is now perfectly possible!

A few more bonuses have been added to the quest, which I hope you will enjoy.


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