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Redoran Archmaster's Office


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Redoran Archmaster's Office

Made for the 2021 Spring Modjam, theme was Redoran. I always thought running a great house would be a lot of administrative work, but in game there is very little evidence of any administration whatsoever for any of the great houses. There was a little evidence of it in Bolvyn Venim's manor with the room/office he's in but once the player inherits the title of Archmaster, s/he has no place to work. So, this is an attempt to correct this.

I added some decorative items, but I also left room for the player to add their own. There's a decent amount of storage here given the purpose of the mod, though it may not be obvious...at first.

You may rest on the sofas.

This is intended to be role-playing friendly, and (hopefully?) worthy of the Redoran Archmaster.

Talk to Athyn Sarethi to be promoted to Archmaster. He'll give you the key to the Archmaster's office. The office is located in the Redoran Council Entrance. There's an extra door there now.


New in version 1.11:

Fixed some issues with dialogue that prevented the player from getting the key to the Archmaster's office.

Replaced sofa texture with one that looks more leathery. Thanks to tewlwolow.

Corrected a typo in one of the books.

Hopefully, this is the last time I will have to update this. I am so sorry for the inconvenience if you've previously downloaded this mod.


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