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Marandus Rebuilt


The once generic stronghold of Marandus has now been given a facelift to truly show that it's now a Redoran conquest.

This mod adds a new tower to the stronghold of Marandus, along with some exterior and interior decorations, making the fort more distinct. The rogue Redoran inhabitants will now tout some more impressive OAAB armour, truly preparing themselves for the inevitable onslaught of the enemies of Redoran.

Future plans include making the denizens of Marandus friendly to high ranking Redoran characters (or maybe to those with a cunning disguise) and adding more services to make it something of an alternate Great House stronghold that the player can link up into with the propylon network.

This mod requires Of Ash And Blight Data and all game expansions.


This mod is likely incompatible with any other mods that change Marandus or edit the inventories of the NPCs there.

Some recommended mods:
  • Master Index Redux by me
  • Streamlines Master Index functionality and can be useful when travelling to Marandus.
  • Andasreth Stronghold by Rytelier
  • Another stronghold overhaul to make the bandit hideout a bit more interesting.
  • Berandas Overhaul by seelof
  • A new dungeon redux that makes the daedra takeover of the stronghold more apparent and visible.
  • Kogoruhn Expanded by Team Drama Kwama
  • The stronghold of Kogoruhn has now been made fitting as one of the main strongholds of House Dagoth.



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