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ReligousPlaces by DerLarsi "DLS"

This mod expands and modifies eight of the most important religious sites
in Vvardenfell. The importance of the places was taken into account and
mostly themed according to the history.
The changes were made to: Assarnibibi, Ghostgate, Kand, Koalcave (interior),
Kummu, Maar Gan (interior), Sanctus shrine and Vivec shrine of Daring.

The changes in detail:

At the birthplace of Almalexia you will now find the
possibility to pray. Candles in woven baskets symbolize the light of hope
towards the "Lady of Mercy" in the cradle.


The pilgrimage site is also an important military facility. As
such, it has been expanded into a fortress. Guards patrol near the gate
and guard the way to the shrine. This has been expanded and additionally
protected against the dangers of the red mountain.


The changes of the Kandberg are a decoration of the entrance, making
it stand out better against the surrounding woods. The actual shrine was
also decorated with offerings.


A chamber was added to the Koal Cave. There you can find the shrine
decorated with symbols of Vivec's fight against the Dreugh's father. Candles
and glowing mushrooms illuminate the cave atmospherically.


The shrine was highlighted by surrounded walls. On the steps,
pilgrims shed their clothes to commemorate Vivec's humility when he took
off his clothes to work in the field.

Maar Gan:

The small church was expanded underground and now offers enough
space for pilgrims to admire the stone. (Note: Due to its size, the escape
from Anhaedra will be more difficult during the quest "Pilgrimage to Maar Gan")

Sanctus shrine:

The Sanctus shrine was decorated with offerings. Instruments
invite to use his voice again after the long silence, a copy of Saryoni's
Sermons to reflect to the sound of wind chimes.

Vivec, Shrine of daring:

In the shadow of the moon, whose debris now hovers
like a tail behind the celestial body, tracing its path, one can sit down to
pray. At the altar you will find one of the lessons of Vivec, which tells the
history of the place, probably sermons were held here recently.


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