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The Cottage


This mod adds a cozy little cottage on the outskirts of Gnisis which is perfect for the outdoorsy type. The previous owner has vacated the premises, so it is (conveniently!) yours for the taking. There is a little bit of immersive scripted behavior to go with the mod and the token explanatory note. But this is mostly just a simple house mod which I made after finding a free-to-use cottage model. I created the interior for the cottage myself and adapted it to work with Glow in the Dahrk.

The cluttering in this mod uses resources from OAAB_Data so make sure you grab that repository.

Cottage exterior model and texture by bobjh.

P.S. The permission statement should make this clear, but this can also be considered a modders resource. Feel free to use the new cottage model in your own mod. Also, if anyone has the means to upscale the texture, I'd love to provide an HD option for those who desire it.


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