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Makes player left-handed in first person.


Thrown weapons aren't positioned correctly.
The game's weapon models weren't made for this, with most you can get an acceptable compromise by editing animations, but thrown weapons don't have a special idle so it's down to the models.

v1 (with torch support) will not work for beast races
Torches need MCP feature "Improved animation support"
in "Mod specific" category (NOT enabled by default
and reported to conflict with some animation mods like Darknut's 1st Person or Animation Compilation) If you use the older version of these files (v0.9) then the MCP feature isn't required but when holding a torch attack animations won't be shown, they won't be held properly, and block animations interrupt ongoing attack anims.
Beast races: v0.9 will work for beast races but without torch support.
openMW: While either version is usable in openMW, neither will have properly working torches.

First person only!
While editing third person animations only for the player is technically possible, it requires technical ability on the user's part and manual intervention, so it is beyond the scope of this mod. That being said, to do that in the vanilla engine, one would need:
- a third person animation (for humanoid races one is available inside "NPC variety animation resource" here but currently its crossbow position is off; in openMW its weapons get flipped if it's used on the player; I don't know of one for beast races)
- either  start a new game with a plugin you've made in the Construction Set, in which you've pre-selected the race of the "player" NPC and added the animation to it, and then do not change race/sex during character creation in the game
- or  install tes3cmd and use it to edit your save file. Example provided in optional files

Bows are in the left hand, because the engine puts them in the main hand bone.

Obviously not compatible with other first-person animation mods.


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