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Mandas Manor


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Mandas Manor

"Take the locket to him so that he will know that I am safe. Since our manor was destroyed by Corprus monsters, I do not know where my
father is staying. His old friend Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn should know."


This mod adds in the Mandas family manor, which was mentioned in Delyna Mandas' dialogue, having been taken over by corprus creatures. In the vanilla game however, no such manor had been featured, so you could consider this mod an inconsistency fixer of sorts.

The manor has been placed in the same district of Ald'ruhn as Morvayn Manor, the implication being that the corprus creatures that came to Morvayn Manor overran the nearby Mandas Manor. The manor itself doesn't have any new quests, but there is some notable loot there if you look around hard enough.


The mod places in a new building in an empty lot in Ald'Ruhn (-2, 7). Beautiful Cities of Morrowind shouldn't be incompatible, but I haven't tested for any conflicts yet.


Some recommended mods:
  • Box of Horrors - Corprus Weeping by Qwerty
  • This mod will definitely make exploring Mandas Manor and its neighbour a much more chilling experience.
  • Sarandas Family Hearth by me
  • Another mod that fixes something of a continuity issue with Ald'ruhn by expanding Ienas Sarandas' house into something that better reflects the descriptions given of his family.




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