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AATL - An Addendum to Tamrielic Lore


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AATL - An Addendum to Tamrielic Lore


Version 0.1d

By the AATL Team


An Addendum to Tamrielic Lore is a project with the sole intent to increase the variety of Artifacts in Morrowind and throughout Tamriel itself. Inspired by Yagrum Bagarn's "Tamrielic Lore", An Addendum seeks to inspire, surprise, and increase encounters throughout Morrowind, while also adding additional items, new locations, and fantastic quests.

But not yet.

For now, An Addendum will be adding to and fixing the various resources that have been made since the project first began (though none of the original files are still used...). As for what is currently in it, only a bunch of assets set up in the CS, including but not limited to artifacts, miscellaneous clutter, new furniture, and scripted items.

While implementation of said items is far off, I have included some mods that add items from ATL_Data.esm to the world:

1. The Blade of Woe

Adds an overworld encounter where players can retrieve the Blade of Woe (warning, it's a pretty brutal fight).

2. Azurah's Guidance

Adds a unique weapon and a new NPC in the Cavern of the Incarnate. 


0.1b [6/21/2021]

- Initial beta release of AATL assets.

- Added Blade of Woe and Azurah's Guidance mods.

0.1c [6/22/2021]

- Fixed khajiit monk's staff to remove accidental Azurah's Guidance

- Fixed Azurah's Guidance not using the ATL textures folder

- Cleaned up daedric urns (the most important part)

- Added way more to the .esm

- Cleaned up unneeded meshes and icons from the archive

0.1d [6/24/2021]

- Further cleanup of the archive

- New bone dagger item!

- New mesh for Chillrend and renamed amulet of the moon to khajiit moon amulet

- New mesh for the daedric bookshelf

- Further optimizations and balance

0.1e[est. 7/7/2021]

- Reworked Blade of Woe and Azurah's Guidance mods

- Lots of balance tweaks

- New items/meshes

- New artifact - Skull of Corruption!

- New mini mods

- More!



An Addendum original resources are 100% free. Credited items in the Credits section may require additional permissions. Please credit the AATL team and link back to this page so that others may find it.



As of version 0.1b, all included assets are currently part of the AATL Original Assets



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