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Great House Rings


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Great House Rings

Great House Rings
A TES3:Morrowind mod
by Stripes

You are given a ring when you join a great house.
The rings have a low powered cast when used enchantment
that fit the theme of each house

Hlaalu : fortify Mercantile and Speechcraft
Redoran : fortify attack
Telvanni : levitate

I didnt make any new models or textures because morrowind

copy the plugin file to Morrowind\Data Files
acitvate in the launcher

Q:Does this conflict with other mods?
A:If there is a conflict it is other mods conflicting with this 😛

Q:Why don't NPC's have house rings?
A:Maybe they lost them or stashed them somewhere 😉

Q:Does the ring get confiscated if you are expelled?
A:No that would be more trouble than its worth for many reasons

Q:Why is the Redoran ring worse than the others?
A:It's Redoran


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