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    Communities are a way for us to support sub-communities within the Morrowind modding community.  Many people have requested social group functionality in the past, and Communities is our implementation of this concept.
    You can find the Communities section within the header bar.  From this page, you may Start a Community, or Join a Community.


    Joining a Community
    Communities can be configured with different privacy settings, so not all communities are available for all to join.  The different types include:

    • Public
      • Everyone can see the community and its posts, and can participate without joining.
    • Open
      • Everyone can see the community and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join.
    • Closed
      • Everyone can see the community and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join.
    • Private
      • Only members can find the community and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join.

    As such, you may only select Join a Community on both Public and Open types.  If you are invited to a Closed or Private community, you'll receive a notification.

    Starting a Community
    From the Communities page, you may select Start a Community.  You will then be provided to give it a name, select the privacy type, optionally provide a description and a community icon, and indicate whom can see this community's members.
    You may also configure Community Rules, with the option to Force Acknowledge by would-be members.

    After you submit this form, your community will be sent for approval to site staff.  After approval, you may start to invite users who will be able to track postings in the Community activity feed.


    Communities can be ran as simple groups, but what makes them particularly special is the ability to create your own sub-forums, files, and pages.  This can be done by selecting the Manage Community option.
    You may add multiple entries for files, topics, and pages, such as if you wish to have a board for general talk threads and a separate board catering for another topic.


    As the creator of the community, you will be the leader.  However, you may appoint moderators to your community who can perform actions such as pinning and moving topics.
    This can be done from the Members section of your community.  You may also remove people from your community in the same way.



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