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  1. CHANGED: Closed a possible XSS issue involving light-boxed images
  2. MODIFIED: 2FA now mandatory for Administrators, in order to better protect the site and your personal data. A reminder that users may also enable 2FA on their accounts, via the Account Security page.
  3. ... oh wait, it's actually 'yes' here. MODIFIED: Adjusted thumbnails for Downloads area screenshots to be a wider aspect ratio (Dark Theme only, for now..) Shifted task management triggers to a CRON job, rather than web-traffic trigger Added a free-text section to user profiles to list detailed mod permissions / licensing info:
  4. Yet there I was, redirected.. MODIFIED: Rewrote FURLs referencing 'clubs' to 'communities' instead Updated 'Contact Us' form so a support ticket is automatically raised to staff instead of e-mailing the administrators
  5. Our site provides an extensive REST API to provide a way to consume and create data for third-party applications and websites. Examples of things you could do includes automatically posting new mod releases from your GitHub via integration, authenticating TES3MP users against your Community members, and much more. Authorization There are two ways to authenticate requests to our REST API: using an API key (all versions), or using OAuth (4.3 and above). When using an API key, all data is available and all actions can be performed. For example, if you send an API request to GET /
  6. STiX


    Communities are a way for us to support sub-communities within the Morrowind modding community. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past, and Communities is our implementation of this concept. You can find the Communities section within the header bar. From this page, you may Start a Community, or Join a Community. Joining a Community Communities can be configured with different privacy settings, so not all communities are available for all to join. The different types include: Public Everyone can see the community and its posts, and can p
    One of the biggest and best housing mods. Plenty of storage room and mannequins everywhere 'Interactive' map is a nice feature - if a little cheaty.
  7. Mods beyond measure, outlander. Under sun and sky, we greet you warmly. Welcome everyone to the Morrowind Modding Hall! Here you'll come to find a vibrant community and many mods available for download and review. We believe it is crucial to the history of the game, the efforts of mod contributors of years passed and current, and the Morrowind community at large to preserve this piece of history. Many mods have unfortunately already been lost to the ravages of time. To kick things off, here are some of the features: NEW: Dedicated downloads section which supports
    My 'go to' housing mod. There are a couple of items (mentioned in the read-me) I ignore, but the house is magnificent. Item sorting, rooms for my companion NPCs, plenty of display space. Used to use Ravenloft Manor, but this surpasses it
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