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  1. NEW Added a 'New Downloads' button to the top-right of every page (just underneath the 'blue bar' on the Dark Theme) Thanks Cammy for the suggestion CHANGED Fixed badges missing icons WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON Revised site themes for clarity New site logo and e-mail notification branding Site documentation (recently published a small post on how to create custom 'streams')
  2. Safe is relative to both how popular other landmass mods are and how far you're willing to go to increase likelihood of future compatibility. I've attached one image (high-res source) that depicts how Tamriel will fit together after completion of Tamriel Rebuilt, Province: Cyrodill, Skyrim: Home of the Nords, Lyithdonea, Anthology Tomb of the Snow Prince, and Roscrea. Sizes sourced are from LadyN and ArthomdeusD's maps. Another source for Tamriel Rebuilt planning in particular is their Progress Report page, which shows where there are at - but also where they are planning to build into. I've also attached another image showing some other existing mods that create new landmass. I don't believe we have an updated, near-complete image showing most of the popular mods. The safest way to made a new area (unless you're building something truly gargantuan) is to build new housing estates, etc. within interior cells with a skybox like Mournhold.
  3. In addition to the standard search functionality of the site, there will often be content in which you wish to be able to search on a constant basis. An example of this would be 'Unread content' or 'Content I have started'. For this, we have Activity Streams. These provide you with the ability to set up lists of content based on a criteria that has been given, either by yourself, or user defined. All Activity Stream The 'All Activity' stream which is available in the activity menu by default, will give you a rundown of all activity on the site. Unlike other streams on the site, this will notify you of any new items since viewing the page. You can view this in either a condensed view (one line per item) or the default expanded view you see in the screenshot below. User Defined Streams New Streams Within the default menu structure, under the 'Activity' menu item, you will see a 'My Activity Streams' option. Here you will see any admin defined activity streams, and also the ability to create your own stream (on a per user basis). When selecting to create new stream, you will be presented with the filters you wish to use for your new stream. Here I have created a new stream for a new housing mods uploaded to the site. Note you can select the cog icon at the side of any content type to select specific items under that content type. In this instance, a specific category. Any new streams that are created, are then shown under the 'My Activity Streams' menu, beneath the default set of streams. Editing Existing Streams When viewing any existing streams, you will see a set of filters at the top of the page, in which you can change to your liking. Changing these will change the data shown in real time. Often there are times where you will wish to save a small change to an existing stream, rather than creating one from scratch. After making an edit to any of the filters, you will see a save button, which will then allow you to create a new stream from your changes.
  4. ADDED Added Contact Us option to the Support tab Whilst it's at the bottom of every page, it pays to be thorough CHANGED Changed site header size for both desktop, as well as mobile viewing Replaced logos to the Dark Theme and Light Theme, as well as several other locations Please let me know via the Contact Us button (bottom of the page) if you notice any issues (cut-off logo, scaling issues, etc.) either on the site, or in other locations (mobile app logo, notification e-mails, external embeds, etc.) These logos are likely just placeholders until we prepare a full social kit. If you know anyone with a flair for graphic design, please let us know. EXPERIMENTAL Added a 'Source' button to the toolbar that allows users to edit the HTML of their posts Does not bypass restrictions Desktop interface support only; not supported on mobile / tablet Added a 'Spoiler' button to the toolbar, so you can post quest secrets for your mods without spoiling it for those that like a challenge
  5. Morrowind Discord Servers Morrowind Modding Community Partnered community Tameriel Rebuilt Associated to the Tamriel Rebuilt mod Project Tamriel TES3MP OpenMW Associated to the OpenMW project Elder Scrolls Discord Servers List of Discord servers associated with The Elder Scrolls (TES), but not specifically Morrowind-related: Realm of Creation TelShadow's Discord community. TelShadow has authored over 1000 mods. RoC: Modding Tutorials The Imperial Library Discord community for imperial-library.info, which is a fan-run website dedicated to TES lore. UESP Associated to the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages, the biggest TES wiki. Nexus Mods Associated to the Nexus Mods community, containing mods for many various games. TES3MP Discord Servers List of Discord servers associated to TES3MP game servers. Ashes of the Shamat Nerevarine Prophecies JRP Roleplay Ecarlate (French) Eternal World (Russian) If you know of a Discord channel that is primarily centered around the Morrowind, or Morrowind modding that is missing from the list above, please comment below.
  6. Poll will be published once mod submission time has closed.
  7. Use the poll to vote for your favourite themes. This will be updated with the nominated themes after they have been submitted.
  8. until
    The themes are in, so get modding!
  9. until
    Vote for your favourite themes here.
  10. NEW / CHANGED User Engagement Added badges functionality (indicative of quality of engagement) Badges are predominately automatically awarded for crossing various thresholds for the community to discover Some badges may be manually granted by staff, or given out by event co-ordinators Certain badges may allocate additional points towards ranks Badges will be flagged as 'Rare' if they are held by less than a certain percentage of the user base Added ranks (indicative of quantity of engagement) These are separate systems from 'Reputation', which is only driven by user-to-user interaction Improved spam management capabilities Improved spam defence scoring Introduced post trip words e.g. a post containing the word 'cbd oil' might be held for moderator approval as it's more likely to be a spam post; but if it's just an adult themed mod - it'll be allowed through (provided it's tagged correctly) We've configured a few already, but cannot communicate what they are as they are part of our spam defence - but please let us know if you have any issues with posts / content getting stuck in the mod queue whilst we're piloting this feature. We do not intend to use this for censoring purposes at this time, just spam detection - but please continue to stay across the rules and terms of service in case this is to change (however we will endeavour to communicate any significant changes in this regard). Added the ability for moderator messages to be optionally visible to users (e.g. see this file example) Administrator post highlighting (e.g. see the frame around this post and the 'Administrators' badge) At the moment, this is global across the platform. Whilst this might be slightly annoying when we might not be posting a reply or anything from an 'admin' perspective, but just a normal comments or review on a mod, I'm hoping this will be offset by the fact our staff compliment is very small at present. Later on, we'll try to extend the functionality to only be visible in certain areas, or selectively for certain posts (i.e. optionally 'in character' as an admin, otherwise just posting as a 'normal user') Site health dashboard for administrators Better push notifications functionality, permitting push notifications to still be received even if the site isn't open or your device is asleep A reminder you can edit your notification preferences from the Notifications Settings page, including a global toggle for enabling / disabling push notifications at the bottom (after it's enabled, you'll still have to turn it on for the notifications you wish to receive via push) Added 'Most Files' section to the Top Leaders tab on the Leaderboard page Added 'upload chunking' functionality when uploading large mods; which should help prevent timeouts, memory issues, and general frustration Adjusted Light Theme Enabled fluid width for the Light Theme to align to Dark Theme Adjusted thumbnail sizes in Downloads section to align to Dark Theme Changed login to require your e-mail, rather than e-mail or display name Allowing users to log in with a display name can represent a security weakness for our community because display names are public information and malicious users may attempt to login to multiple accounts with common passwords until they find an account for which the passwords work. Labeled the button on the screenshots section of Downloads for uploaders that selects the 'default image' to display for the mod 'Primary', so it's function is slightly more intuitive (previously had no corresponding text) REMOVED 'Similar Content' block from the bottom of the Downloads page
  11. Too many contacts from agents of Sithis! MODIFIED: Disabled Contact Us functionality for non-logged in users to help prevent spam support threads EXPERIMENTING: Pushing new mods to #published-mods on Morrowind Modding Community Discord Using a bit of a paperclip and rubber-band solution at the moment. If it proves promising, will formalise it as a properly supported function and mature it. Donation system and subscription plans Whilst the site expenses are extremely low at present (we're currently only averaging ~1k monthly downloads) and I'll be sustaining the site regardless, I've added a donation option and subscription plans. The subscription plans give no perks, other than a cosmetic green name. This is intended, as we do not wish to paywall functionality, meter downloads, etc. Any money provided by members will be used exclusively for site-related costs (hosting, domain renewal, etc.), unless otherwise notified.
  12. This Sunday, June 20, at 5 PM GMT, @Vidi_Aquam will be going on Danae's stream to show off the server. They'll be playing on it and talking, so anyone is welcome to join in-game or stop by the stream and say 'hi'. Here is the link to Danae's twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/DanaePlays
  13. CHANGED: Closed a possible XSS issue involving light-boxed images
  14. MODIFIED: 2FA now mandatory for Administrators, in order to better protect the site and your personal data. A reminder that users may also enable 2FA on their accounts, via the Account Security page.
  15. ... oh wait, it's actually 'yes' here. MODIFIED: Adjusted thumbnails for Downloads area screenshots to be a wider aspect ratio (Dark Theme only, for now..) Shifted task management triggers to a CRON job, rather than web-traffic trigger Added a free-text section to user profiles to list detailed mod permissions / licensing info:
  16. Yet there I was, redirected.. MODIFIED: Rewrote FURLs referencing 'clubs' to 'communities' instead Updated 'Contact Us' form so a support ticket is automatically raised to staff instead of e-mailing the administrators
  17. Our site provides an extensive REST API to provide a way to consume and create data for third-party applications and websites. Examples of things you could do includes automatically posting new mod releases from your GitHub via integration, authenticating TES3MP users against your Community members, and much more. Authorization There are two ways to authenticate requests to our REST API: using an API key (all versions), or using OAuth (4.3 and above). When using an API key, all data is available and all actions can be performed. For example, if you send an API request to GET /forums/topics, every topic in the community will be in the results; if you send an API request to POST /forums/topics you can create a topic as any user on the community. It is therefore very important that you always keep the API Keys secret, and only grant access to the endpoints you intend to use. We only use these for our internal tools, though most still use OAuth with appropriately roled and scoped accounts. Unlike with API keys, when accessing the REST API with OAuth, you will be providing an access token which has been granted to a specific user* and only data that user can see, and actions that user can perform are available. For example, if you send an API request to GET /forums/topics, only topics in forums that the authenticated user can see will be in the results; if you send an API request to POST /forums/topics the topic will be created as the authenticated user and that cannot be changed. Some endpoints are only available when using one method or the other. For example, GET /core/me gets information about the authenticated user and so can only be used when authenticated with OAuth. Meanwhile, POST /forums/forums creates a forum, which is exclusively a site-level operation and so can only be used when authenticated with an API Key (though we can also authenticate with Client Credentials which will work similarly to using an API Key, giving full access to the API rather than as a specific user) . Some endpoints, while available to both methods, might accept different request parameters or have different response parameters for different methods which will be explained in the documentation. Error Handling When an error is encountered, you will receive a response like this: { "errorCode": "3S290\/7", "errorMessage": "INVALID_API_KEY" } The possible error codes/messages for each endpoint are detailed within this documentation reference. In addition to the endpoint-specific errors, the following global errors may also be returned: Code Message Description 1S290/A or 1S290/C IP_ADDRESS_BANNED The IP address that is sending the request has been banned from the community. This may happen automatically if the IP Address has repeatedly sent many requests with invalid API keys. 1S290/D TOO_MANY_REQUESTS_WITH_BAD_KEY The IP address that is sending the request has sent multiple requests with an invalid API key and so is prevented from sending any more requests for several minutes. 2S290/6 NO_API_KEY No API key or OAuth access token was sent in the request. 2S290/8 IP_ADDRESS_NOT_ALLOWED The API key was valid, but is configured to only be valid for requests coming from certain IP addresses and IP address the request was sent from is not in the allowed list. 2S290/B CANNOT_USE_KEY_AS_URL_PARAM The API key was valid, but it is not configured to be used as URL authentication and must be used in AUTHORIZATION headers. 3S290/7 INVALID_API_KEY The API key sent in the request is not valid. 2S290/9 INVALID_LANGUAGE An X-IPS-Language header was sent in the request (which can be used to specify a language ID for the response), but its value was not valid. 3S290/3 INVALID_APP The endpoint the request was sent to does not exist (the first level contains an invalid character, only alphanumerics are acceptable). 3S290/4 INVALID_CONTROLLER The endpoint the request was sent to does not exist (the second level contains an invalid character, only alphanumerics are acceptable). 2S290/1 INVALID_APP The endpoint the request was sent to does not exist (the first level does not exist). 1S290/2 APP_DISABLED The application which controls the endpoint the request was sent to is currently disabled. 2S290/5 INVALID_CONTROLLER The endpoint the request was sent to does not exist (the second level does not exist). 2S291/1 NO_ENDPOINT The endpoint the request was sent to does not exist (the URL contains too many levels). 2S291/3 NO_PERMISSION The API key does not have permission to access the requested endpoint. 3S291/2 BAD_METHOD The endpoint the request was sent to does not exist - the HTTP request method may be incorrect (for example, sending a GET rather than a POST). 3S290/9 INVALID_ACCESS_TOKEN The OAuth access token sent in the request is not valid. 1S290/E EXPIRED_ACCESS_TOKEN The OAuth access token sent in the request was valid but has expired. 3S290/B NO_SCOPES The OAuth access token has not been authorised to access any scopes. GET / POST documentation for all application scopes will be posted in due course.
  18. STiX


    Communities are a way for us to support sub-communities within the Morrowind modding community. Many people have requested social group functionality in the past, and Communities is our implementation of this concept. You can find the Communities section within the header bar. From this page, you may Start a Community, or Join a Community. Joining a Community Communities can be configured with different privacy settings, so not all communities are available for all to join. The different types include: Public Everyone can see the community and its posts, and can participate without joining. Open Everyone can see the community and its posts, but only members can participate. Everyone can join. Closed Everyone can see the community and who's in it, but only members can see posts and participate. Users need to ask a leader to join. Private Only members can find the community and see its posts. Users need to be invited by a leader to join. As such, you may only select Join a Community on both Public and Open types. If you are invited to a Closed or Private community, you'll receive a notification. Starting a Community From the Communities page, you may select Start a Community. You will then be provided to give it a name, select the privacy type, optionally provide a description and a community icon, and indicate whom can see this community's members. You may also configure Community Rules, with the option to Force Acknowledge by would-be members. After you submit this form, your community will be sent for approval to site staff. After approval, you may start to invite users who will be able to track postings in the Community activity feed. Communities can be ran as simple groups, but what makes them particularly special is the ability to create your own sub-forums, files, and pages. This can be done by selecting the Manage Community option. You may add multiple entries for files, topics, and pages, such as if you wish to have a board for general talk threads and a separate board catering for another topic. As the creator of the community, you will be the leader. However, you may appoint moderators to your community who can perform actions such as pinning and moving topics. This can be done from the Members section of your community. You may also remove people from your community in the same way.
    One of the biggest and best housing mods. Plenty of storage room and mannequins everywhere 'Interactive' map is a nice feature - if a little cheaty.
  19. Mods beyond measure, outlander. Under sun and sky, we greet you warmly. Welcome everyone to the Morrowind Modding Hall! Here you'll come to find a vibrant community and many mods available for download and review. We believe it is crucial to the history of the game, the efforts of mod contributors of years passed and current, and the Morrowind community at large to preserve this piece of history. Many mods have unfortunately already been lost to the ravages of time. To kick things off, here are some of the features: NEW: Dedicated downloads section which supports versioning, change-logs, and automatic generation for support threads This will help keep the comments and ratings nice and visible, but ensure there is a dedicated place to request support (supporting screenshots, etc. to help troubleshoot) We'll be adding new features to this over time, such as easy compatibility flagging and the ability to cross-reference pre-requisite mods Dedicated Help & Support board with social Q&A features Answers to problems and questions can be marked as having solved the issue. No more scrolling through pages of a thread to find what the solution to the issue was. Rating scores for content are weighted based on your standing within the community Are you someone who posts frequently? A popular mod contributor? Or a frequent reviewer? Your ratings will be factored in at a greater rate with our rating algorithm for any content you have rated. Acronym detection to help new comers. Don't know what 'OMW supports TR' means? Hover over the words the expanded text! Ability for community leaders to create sub-communities This is a self-serve function automatically available to users who meet certain criteria, allowing them to create sub-communities for their tools, mod-packs, etc. - including their own sub-forums and downloads pages. Mod and resource makers can now list their attribution preferences on their profile for others to see To set your preferences, open your profile and select 'Edit Profile' Note - descriptors subject to change until we lock it in, intent will remain Added a Discord widget for the Morrowind Modding Community channel Added a donation box widget Added both Steam and Google login methods Can add more, such as Facebook, if people would like this? Added a Privacy Policy link at the bottom of the site Added a DLC and External Dependency field for Downloads Added a How to Use Communities guide and published a link to it from the Communities page Started work on REST API documentation Published Documentation page to new Support section Added Giphy integration MODIFIED: Made upload and download buttons clearer Made text size of certain site elements larger Configured and migrated content from Downloads module to use an AWS S3 bucket, instead of web storage Site width now set tot 75% (responsive) Changed all language references from 'club/s' to 'community/ies'
    My 'go to' housing mod. There are a couple of items (mentioned in the read-me) I ignore, but the house is magnificent. Item sorting, rooms for my companion NPCs, plenty of display space. Used to use Ravenloft Manor, but this surpasses it
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