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  1. Legion Field Gear

    This mod adds some extra Legion goodies for the roleplaying legionnaire wanting to add some flavour and immersion to their playthough, complete with automatic Ashfall compatibility.

    Apart from weapons and armour, there is very little gear that the Legion actually uses, when an army such as itself should be equiping its troops with useful tools and equiptment. This mod adds two items to the game, a legion canteen and an entrenching tool so that the soldiers of the Legion have something to demonstrate they are an actual army and not some common mercenaries like the Fighters Guild.

    You can find the gear throughout the Legion forts and installations, so you'll have no trouble finding it during the course of the Imperial Legion questline. The OAAB leveled lists also have the new items in them, meaning you'll find them crop up in OAAB containers and other containers that use those leveled lists.

    There are also rumours of a magical antique canteen brought back from a Legion campaign in Elsweyr. The owner of this canteen, a deserter legionnaire, seems to have lost it in his cave hideout, much to his displeasure...

    While the items added don't have much use on their own, they do have automatic Ashfall compatibility. The entrenching tool can be used as a wood chopping axe, meaning it will chop wood without loosing as much durability as a normal axe, and the canteen can be used as a water bottle and keep your water ration safe and sound.

    This mod will require OAAB Data as all items are bundled in it.

    Future plans for this mod include adding more items to make the Legion feel more functional and immersive.
    These items are also going to be part of my Legion expansion, coming out soon.

    The only changes this mod makes to vanilla content is the placing of the items in interior cells belonging to the Legion. No changes were made to the layout of furniture or clutter.

      If you want to follow development the mod, report any bugs or contribute to the my Legion expansion project, you can join my discord here.  




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  2. Shrine of Azura

    "Azura is the Anticipation of Sotha Sil, but female to his male. Azura was the ancestor who taught the Chimer how to be different from the Altmer. Her teachings are sometimes attributed to Boethiah. In the stories, Azura is often encountered more as a communal progenitor of the race as a whole rather than as an individual ancestor. She is associated with Dusk and Dawn, and is sometimes called the Mother Soul. Azura's Star, also called the Twilight Star, appears briefly at dawn and dusk low on the horizon below the constellation of the Steed. Azura is associated with mystery and magic, fate and prophecy"      The Shrine to Azura in vanilla Morrowind was sparse and dull. If it wasn't for the fact that the statue inside gave you a quest, it probably would be regarded as an insignificant structure. This mod adds some worshipers and other NPCs to make the shrine feel more like a real place of worship.

    This mod adds some NPCs and a small dock to the shrine. To get to the shrine, the monk outside Holamayan Monastery can ferry you over there for a small fee. The fisherman at the shrine can send you to some nearby settlements, which is handy if you are lost in the middle of the Azura's coast region. The outside of the shrine itself is altered slightly to make the path actually reach the shrine entrance, and with some decoration and lights.
    The inside of the shrine contains a few pilgrims who will remark on whatever exploits you've gotten up to. The priestess also provides some services to the player, and can give them some input on Azura's quest.

    This mod isn't compatible with any mods that alter the exterior or interior of the Shrine of Azura in the Azura's Coast Region  



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  3. Kingdom of Clutter

    This mod makes Detritus Caria's collection of clutter a bit more...cluttered, with more junk added to his room in the Mournhold craftmen's hall from OAAB Data. Apart from more items placed in his room, the containers in there have been swapped with OAAB leveled list enabled identicals, so the furniture in the room looks the same but contain more varied loot from OAAB's leveled lists (You could steal their new loot for yourself, but you wouldn't break old Detritus' heart, would you?)

    Future plans would be to overhaul all of the craftmen's hall and give it a facelift, incorporating the changes in this mod with a wider redux.

    The mod only touches Detritus' room, nothing else. No NPCs or other rooms were changed.
    The mod is incompatible with Immersive Mournhold as it already makes changes to the craftsmen's hall.


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  4. Mandas Manor

    "Take the locket to him so that he will know that I am safe. Since our manor was destroyed by Corprus monsters, I do not know where my
    father is staying. His old friend Athyn Sarethi in Ald'ruhn should know."


      This mod adds in the Mandas family manor, which was mentioned in Delyna Mandas' dialogue, having been taken over by corprus creatures. In the vanilla game however, no such manor had been featured, so you could consider this mod an inconsistency fixer of sorts.

    The manor has been placed in the same district of Ald'ruhn as Morvayn Manor, the implication being that the corprus creatures that came to Morvayn Manor overran the nearby Mandas Manor. The manor itself doesn't have any new quests, but there is some notable loot there if you look around hard enough.

    The mod places in a new building in an empty lot in Ald'Ruhn (-2, 7). Beautiful Cities of Morrowind shouldn't be incompatible, but I haven't tested for any conflicts yet.


    Some recommended mods: Box of Horrors - Corprus Weeping by Qwerty This mod will definitely make exploring Mandas Manor and its neighbour a much more chilling experience. Sarandas Family Hearth by me Another mod that fixes something of a continuity issue with Ald'ruhn by expanding Ienas Sarandas' house into something that better reflects the descriptions given of his family.




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  5. Imperial Armour Expanded - BETA

    This is a beta for my Imperial armour expansion, putting more emphasis on how uniforms impact life in the legion. This mod adds, modifies and distributes suits of Legion armour with the intention of making armour a bigger faucet of Legion identity.

    This mod does several things to Legion uniforms:
    - Studded leather, dragonscale, silver and newtscale cuirasses are now listed as Legion uniforms.
    - The studded leather, chain, newtscale, silver, duke's silver and dragonscale armour sets have been completed, and the new pieces distributed among Legion members and smithies.
    - Ash mask helmets can be found on legionnaires outside Buckmoth Legion fort and sold by Yambagorn gor-Shulor inside.
    - Varus Vantinius now has a unique helmet that he will don when duelling the player and can be taken from him after he's been defeated.
    - Instead of being given armour pieces as a promotion bonus, the player is issued with a choice of leather, chain or steel armour when they join the Legion. Upon being promoted to Knight Errant, the player is offered a set of their choice of newtscale, dragonscale or templar. Similarly, when the player becomes a member of the Order of Ebonheart, they will be offered a full set through Sirollus Saccus.
    - Non-Legion affiliated players can be arrested by Legion guards for wearing Legion uniforms.

    The assets in the beta are not final, and I'm hoping to replace them with something more consistent with the vanilla Morrowind art style.
    Many assets here are from various resources by quorn and Alaisiagae.

    If you want to follow development the mod, report any bugs or contribute to the project, you can join my discord here.

    In terms of compatibility, this mod adds a script to the vanilla newtscale, silver and dragonscale cuirasses to make them Legion uniforms. This likely means that if there are any mods that edit those values, they will be incompatible.

    The mod also changes the inventories of a lot of Legion members. However, by and large these NPCs are inconsequential and are mostly generic and unlikely to be affected by any other mods. The interiorrs of most Legion garrisons have also had changes, however these are mostly just armour pieces added to the world space and no drastic layout changes.


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  6. Even More Mysterious Killings in Vivec

    I'll be honest. I never liked the Mysterious Killings quest. The premise is solid, but the actual execution and rewards aren't believable. The idea of the Office of the Watch will willingly give you the sacred armour of a fallen Ordinator all seems half-assed to me. This mod intends to make the quest more worthwhile.

    This mod replaces the old Indoril helm and cuirass that was offered as a reward for the quest with a new set. I never understood why a pious Ordinator like Elam Andas would willingly hand over a set of armour the he acknowledges as being sacred, so the armour is now replaced with a new set that is considered a personal gift from Elam.
    There is also now a small camp that spawns along with the Dreamer Prophet that contains some Sixth House memrobilia that will be siezed by the Order of the Watch once you've reported your success to Elam.

    Future plans include making the quest time sensitive, with the murderer killing more Ordinators if you aren't quick in stopping them, or even for the Order of the Watch to do their job and catch the killer before you do. Other plans include having the killer in a random location, requiring more shrewd rumour chasing and detective work.

    The mod overhauls the entire quest and makes some minor changes to the Foreign Quarter waterworks, but it should be compatible with whatever Vivec overhaul you have installed (hopefully).


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  7. Marandus Rebuilt

    The once generic stronghold of Marandus has now been given a facelift to truly show that it's now a Redoran conquest.  
    This mod adds a new tower to the stronghold of Marandus, along with some exterior and interior decorations, making the fort more distinct. The rogue Redoran inhabitants will now tout some more impressive OAAB armour, truly preparing themselves for the inevitable onslaught of the enemies of Redoran.

    Future plans include making the denizens of Marandus friendly to high ranking Redoran characters (or maybe to those with a cunning disguise) and adding more services to make it something of an alternate Great House stronghold that the player can link up into with the propylon network.

    This mod requires Of Ash And Blight Data and all game expansions.

    This mod is likely incompatible with any other mods that change Marandus or edit the inventories of the NPCs there.

          Some recommended mods: Master Index Redux by me Streamlines Master Index functionality and can be useful when travelling to Marandus. Andasreth Stronghold by Rytelier Another stronghold overhaul to make the bandit hideout a bit more interesting. Berandas Overhaul by seelof A new dungeon redux that makes the daedra takeover of the stronghold more apparent and visible. Kogoruhn Expanded by Team Drama Kwama The stronghold of Kogoruhn has now been made fitting as one of the main strongholds of House Dagoth.



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  8. Legion at Firemoth

    "Do not speak of it. Do not go there. Only the legions of the dead guard the walls now."  
    This is a mod that overhauls the Siege at Firemoth official plugin and makes it a legion-exclusive quest. I thought it was strange that the siege was considered a great disgrace to the legion and a matter of honour, but Sellus Gravius would sent the player on a mission with a bunch of hired mercenaries to liberate the fort.

    This mod changes many aspects of the original plugin, including
    The quest is now Legion exclusive: the player must be a Knight Bachelor of the Legion to accept this quest. The mercenaries are now proper legionnaires. The lich boss Grurm is significantly easier, though will still be a tough fight. The fort interrior has been optimised and made more lore-friendly; no more hidden doors in illogical places or huge spacious halls filled with enemies. The fort is now repopulated by the Legion after your successful liberation. The Ward of Akavir is no longer removed from the game when you complete the quest, and will be availible to borrow when the player challenges Varus Vantinius for the position of the Knight of the Imperial Dragon, and can subsequently borrowed and returned once the player gets the position. Check with the fort priest in the barracks if you want to use the shield. A player home and fort post liberation.
    Some things I want to update later on include
    New mesh for the Ward of Akavir and maybe unique enemies Some commander duties for the player to do post liberation, or some other quests/events. Some additions to the player's quarters in the fort. Unique rewards based on choices and surviving legionnaires. Add vanilla wood and rope textures to Momo's cranes.
    This mod will also be part of my legion expansion mod coming out soon. To check on progress, I post my WIPs on my discord server.
    This mod is built on the original plugin, meaning you only need to download this mod. This means it's incompatible with the original mod, and any other Firemoth mod for that matter. This also includes the Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched mod, which has a patched version of Firemoth (Though Legion at the Siege of Firemoth also includes most of the same fixes anyway). A possible workaround would be to delete the Firemoth references from UMOPP, but I might try look into a patch for it.

    This mod should be compatible with Tamriel Rebuilt.  


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  9. Sarandas Family Hearth

    The Sarandas estate is no longer a measly one-room hut. The house is now made more fitting of the family's reputation, and can be given to the player for their service in the Temple.

    Ienas Sarandas' house is now a proper Ald-ruhn clan hearth, suitable for the Sarandas family legacy. In dialogue we hear that Ienas' parents were wealthy and successful and had left their son a sizable fortune, but the house they left him was a tiny hut, barely big enough for some furniture and a single hammock, let alone a family of three adults.

    This mod expands the house into a proper family dwelling, although it's still considerably bare due to Ienas' poor life decisions. If the player helped Ienas in finding a new life in the service of ALMSIVI, and the player themselves are a Curate in the Temple, they can get the deed to the house through Master Tuls Valen in the Ald'Ruhn temple.

    Once the house is put in your possession, the Temple will outfit it with some furniture to compensate for all the furnishings that were sold by Ienas. If the player is not a Curate, or they had killed Ienas instead of helping him in his related quest, the house will not be furnished, and will remain empty and derelict. Though that does not prevent you from squatting there...

    This mod should be compatible with anything that doesn't change the cell "Ald-Ruhn, Ienas Sarandas's House". It's also recommended to clear out the house of any junk you have in there if you were already squatting there to avoid any physical conflicts with new or removed furniture.



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  10. Master Index Redux

    "The Master Index is what I hope to make out of all my research. It combines the combined magical patterns and enchantments into one, making a universal index for all of the propylons on Vvardenfel. Of course, to make it I'd need to copy the enchantment from the other indexes first, which is where you'd help in my project."
    This mod intends to revise certain aspects of the Master Index official plugin and make it more streamlined and sensible.

    This mod changes several aspects of the Master Index quest and plugin, including Changes to dialogue and quest entries. I felt some where rather wooden and made Folms Mirel a robotic and ungrateful sounding individual. Some dialogue added to Folms and other NPCs to add some depth and backround to the quest. The functionality of the Master Index has changed, with it needing the use of a Propylon in the Caldera Mages Guildhall instead of talking to Folms for transport to strongholds, making it useful for players taking the Silent Pilgrimage. Some quest aspects have changed, including the aquisition of certain Propylon indices. Some alterations to the Caldera Mages Guildhall, including a basement workshop for Folms and his custom Propylon.
    Some things I want to update later include Updating the basement workshop and maybe some new meshes to tidy up the Propylon on display there. Adding some more quest enhancers to improve the overall quality of the quest. An oppurtunity for Folms to show off his work to the guild and replace the guild guides with some successfully replicated Propylons. Some documents and notes to add some more backround to Folm's research, maybe with some illustrations and schematics.

    This mod is built on the original plugin, meaning you only need to download this mod. This means it's incompatible with the original mod, and any other Master Index mod for that matter. It may also conflict with any mods that edit the interrior of the Mages Guildhall or Irgola's pawnshop in Caldera.

    This mod has been tested and works with Caldera Mage's Guild Expanded.

    There is a compatibility patch availible for Caldera Mage's Quarters, which should be loaded after Caldera Mage's Quarters.


    Some recommended mods: Improved Propylon Particles by starwarsgal9875: Adds nicer, more FPS-friendly particles which fill the entire propylon chamber. Propylon Pillar Retexture by Alaisiagae: Adds glowmaps to the propylon pillar text, adding some nice visual variety.




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