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  1. Lysol's Steel Claymore Replacer

    So I finally finished (good enough I guess) this claymore replacer I started on quite a few years ago. I've been learning how to use Blender the same time. And shout out: Greatness7 is brilliant and should get much credit for making the Blender nif exporter plugin!
    Anyway, the vanilla steel claymore model and texture(s) is awful and a sword I've often felt annoyed with due to how bad it looks. So here's a replacer that you hopefully might enjoy more. I do at least. The model is made in Blender, is only one object and has one texture map. It's not like weapons are the ones to blame for Morrowind's crazy draw calls, but it's one thing of many, and this replacer will reduce the amount of draw calls this sword will produce.
    It features a normal map and a specular map. I was going to bake the normal map from a high poly mesh, but I lack the time to do it, so this is generated from a texture. Of course I've put some time into making a good texture to generate it from, so it should look ok I hope. The specular map was hand made.
    Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


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