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  1. The Cottage


    This mod adds a cozy little cottage on the outskirts of Gnisis which is perfect for the outdoorsy type. The previous owner has vacated the premises, so it is (conveniently!) yours for the taking. There is a little bit of immersive scripted behavior to go with the mod and the token explanatory note. But this is mostly just a simple house mod which I made after finding a free-to-use cottage model. I created the interior for the cottage myself and adapted it to work with Glow in the Dahrk.

    The cluttering in this mod uses resources from OAAB_Data so make sure you grab that repository.

    Cottage exterior model and texture by bobjh.

    P.S. The permission statement should make this clear, but this can also be considered a modders resource. Feel free to use the new cottage model in your own mod. Also, if anyone has the means to upscale the texture, I'd love to provide an HD option for those who desire it.


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  2. Graht Morrowind Swamp Trees


    This mod adds enormous trees to the Bitter Coast region to provide a dense canopy overheard and large roots jutting out of the ground below. This mod is mostly eye candy in nature. I don't consider this a "realistic" take on what the Bitter Coast should look like. I've tried my best to optimize the tree meshes (fully split up collision meshes), but they are big and have a ton of leaf planes each, so don't expect this to increase your FPS.

    I recommend using this with Vality's Bitter Coast mod to enhance the tree density. Even if you don't use Vality's trees, you can install something like Vurt's Bitter Coast Trees after Vality's and you'll end up with a denser swamp if you use the plugin in Vality's mod. I used Ozzy's Grass in the screenshots.


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  3. I Lava Good Mesh Replacer

    This mod replaces all the lava meshes in the vanilla game. It addresses a couple prevalent issues with lava; namely seams between tiled lava squares and flickering steam. In addition to those fixes, you can also expect that this mesh is better optimized than vanilla by using less shapes and eliminating alpha blending. Finally, the mod adds performance friendly spark particles which peacefully float away from lava. If you find yourself mesmerized by the new lava effects, be careful not to fall in!
    Removes alpha blending from lava meshes to eliminate flickering with effects like steam Synchronizes tiled lava effects to reduce the occurrence of seams found in large lava pools Adds spark particle effects to lava pools (LOD enabled to be performance friendly) Texture replacer compatible (uses vanilla textures) 


    It might not look like it on the surface, but this mod requires MWSE to get the full functionality. Without MWSE, the molten layer of the lava will only have one UV animation. It won't break the mod, it just won't look as good.

    The good news is that OpenMW can handle multiple UV animations at once by default. The bad news is that it is not handling the particles or collision of these meshes properly yet. I'm hopeful that the OpenMW will fix the issues so that this mod can be used by all players soon.
    Known to work with Vurt's Lava and Craggy Lava This will change the appearance of Dangerous Lava and Oil by Articus if installed afterwards. That mod uses a very different method for its lava meshes/textures. I do not recommend using these two mods together, but they may work OK.




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  4. Sload Floater - Giant Bull Netch Replacer

    Sload Floater
    Giant Bull Netch Replacer
    A Creature Mod and Modder's Resource
        by Melchior Dahrk

    Prior to the game's release, Sload were supposed to have a presence in Morrowind. Michael Kirkbride has some concept art which shows what is labeled a "Sload Floater" (Gasbag Mass Transit) and there was even a concept for a "Skyport". This is a speculative rendering of what a "sload gasbag" may look like based on a combination of Michael Kirkbride's concept art and the appearance of the netch in TES3. This does not explicitly mimic any of the concept art but rather borrows certain features from each and merges them into what could be a cousin or ancestor of the Morrowind Netch. Based on what we know from the game's artwork, the "gasbags" ultimately transformed into the "netch" during development.
    My personal head canon is that the netch are descended from the sload floaters which were introduced to the Morrowind ecosystem by Sload merchants. Like much of the other wildlife, the floaters adapted and eventually became the netch. There are much larger sload floaters out there (see the concept art), the one you'll encounter in this mod happens to be a very small one.
    This mod doesn't bring the sload to Morrowind, but it does replace the Giant Bull Netch with a Sload Floater. The intention for this specific creature is to be an escaped mass transit gasbag which is now wandering around the Sheogorad region. Apparently Bighead still thinks this is a netch - just a GIANT one - with EYES! Gasbags must be weak to forks. You might find a note hinting at the creature's origins after you fork it to death...
    Features of the Design:
    Broken straps on the back hint at the creature's utility before its escape. The "eyes" located on the front of the gasbag are actually artificial windows into the interior of this massive beast. Sload are right at home in the slimy jelly. Similar to the netch, the gasbag has internal sacks filled with magical vapors. But unlike its cousin, the gasbag spews these vapors out of meaty tubes on its underside to help generate more lift for their comparatively massive bulk. Banners decorate the sides of the gasbag, advertising its owner's merchandise. Although this gasbag managed to destroy its accessories, they are typically seen with structures built right onto their enormous backs to accommodate more delicate passengers who balk at the notion of immersing in the jelly chamber with the sload.


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  5. Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer

    Vanilla-friendly West Gash Tree Replacer
    by Melchior Dahrk This replacer was created as an alternative for players who desire a look closer to the vanilla game for the region. The vanilla models were smoothed, optimized, had their UVs tweaked, or were just made from scratch in some cases. The West Gash tree set is pretty sparse of leaves in the vanilla game with only 2 out of 8 models having leaves on them. But those two models have been overhauled with more leaf models added to make them look fuller; and new twig and limb models have been added to all trees to improve the detail, even when up close.
    This is both a model and texture replacer for the West Gash trees. The textures have been modified to match the vanilla colors and style but are high resolution.
    The stump and root models in the West Gash have also been included. With more detail being added and smoothing the meshes.
    This mod also affects gameplay by improving the accuracy of the collision models on the trees so you can now stand on limbs. This was accomplished with no performance impact by splitting up the collision model into multiple pieces (collision is calculated in a radius around each individual model).
    ***There are two options for the leaf textures. If you prefer the lighter, leafier version, be sure to install the "01 Leafy" folder and place it in your Data Files/Textures folder!


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