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  1. Better Music System - MUSE Version

    Better Music System - MUSE Version
    This mod consists of custom MUSE config files that (mostly) implement the functionality of BTB's version of Better Music System.
    Important Note: Installing this archive by itself will do nothing, because it does not contain any music tracks. You'll need to fill the mod's empty music directories (in music\MS) with tracks in order to hear custom music in-game.
    Below you'll find instructions for distributing the music from BTB's soundtrack to the various music directories, if you want to duplicate BTB's plugin as closely as possible. But one of the benefits of MUSE is that it's supremely customizable. You can deviate from those instructions, or use completely different music from any other source.
    This mod primarily consists of a bunch of custom MUSE config files (the files in MWSE\config\MS). These config files mostly replicate the functionality of BTB's Better Music System plugin, with a few adjustments. The following custom music is implemented:
    Regions: The region (MS_r_) files allow for different music in the game's various regions. Like BTB's plugin, there are three different region categories that can have different music: Red Mountain, Solstheim, and everywhere else. There's also a file for Firemoth Region, so you can have custom music there if you're using Siege at Firemoth.
    Towns: The custom town music is implemented by the cell (MS_c_) files. There's separate music for Vivec, Ebonheart, Pelagiad, Molag Mar, Ghostgate and Mournhold.
    There's also music for Hlaalu Towns (Balmora, Caldera, Suran), Redoran towns (Ald-ruhn, Gnisis, Maar Gan), Telvanni towns (Sadrith Mora, Tel Aruhn, Tel Branora, Tel Fyr, Tel Mora, Tel Vos, Vos), fishing villages (Seyda Neen, Hla Oad, Gnaar Mok, Ald Velothi, Khuul), Nordic villages (Dagon Fel, Skaal Village, Thirsk, Raven Rock), and Ashlander camps.
    Dungeons: Dungeon music is implemented partly by the tileset (MS_t_) files and partly by the cell files. The following dungeon types can have their own custom music: caves, Daedric shrines, Dwemer ruins, Dunmer strongholds, tombs, Solstheim ice caves, barrows, mines, grottoes, Velothi towers, underworks, Sixth House bases, shipwrecks, and Old Mournhold.
    You can also have unique music for Sixth House citadels inside the Ghostfence, Dagoth Ur, the Clockwork City (with the Dome of Sotha Sil being separate), Castle Karstaag, Mortrag Glacier (with the maze cells being separate), and the Cavern of the Incarnate. There's also a directory for Firemoth.
    In addition you can put music in the Dungeon General directory for any dungeons (really only mod-added ones) not covered.
    Other cell types: Many other types of cells can have separate custom music (implemented mostly by cell files, with one tileset file thrown in). These include Imperial forts, Fighters Guilds, Mages Guilds, Morag Tong Guildhalls, temples (with the temple in Mournhold being separate), taverns/inns, smithys, magic-type shops, and other shops.
    The Royal Palace and Museum of Artifacts in Mournhold each have their own separate music, and a number of isolated farmhouses and shacks also have their own music category. Even the Imperial Prison Ship can have separate music (though you might want to just put the main Morrowind theme in there).
    Battle music: The battle music categories, implemented by the enemy (MS_e_) files, are similar to the implementation in BTB's plugin, with a few additional high-tier enemies added to the "sub-boss" category. However, battle music in this mod is more customizeable.
    Dagoth Ur, Almalexia, Hircine and Vivec each have their own boss music.
    In addition, there are separate music directories for: Ash Vampires, Dagoth Gares, Divayth Fyr, Helseth, Umbra, the Imperfect, Karstaag, the Udyrfrykte, Gedna Relvel, the Hands of Almalexia, the Grandmaster Writ targets, faction bosses (like Gothren, Eno Hlaalu, Bolvyn Venim, and more), the Black Dart Gang, Daedra bosses, Dark Brotherhood bosses, Goblin bosses, undead bosses, vampire bosses (including the heads of the clans), and werewolves.
    Even the ghosts of the failed incarnates in the Cavern of the Incarnate get their own battle music, if you're crazy enough to fight them. There's also a directory for other sub-boss enemies (such as Gaenor, Karrod, Falx Carius, the Dreugh Warlord, and more). Finally, Grurn (from Siege at Firemoth) also has his own music.
    Beyond the above high-tier enemies with boss or sub-boss music, every creature and NPC in the game is divided into three tiers based on their health, like in BTB's plugin. There's separate music for enemies with 200+ health, those with 50-199, and those below 50 health.

    MUSE Config Details

    For those seeking to further customize my config files (or to start from scratch with the files provided by MUSE), I've made some observations regarding the functionality of MUSE config files that might be useful. I'm placing this in a spoiler tag because it's quite long.

    Version History
    Version 1.0 - 2020-08-07
       - Initial release.
    Feel free to contact me on the Nexus or Moddinghall with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.


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