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Every once in a while, a modder joins me during a livestream to talk about their mods, Morrowind and the meaning of life. The VODs are available on Twitch (https://www.twitch.tv/danaeplays) and YouTube (https://bit.ly/3r7j81p) but it is more fun to be there and interact directly with the Guests :)
  1. What's new in this community
  2. Danae

    Melchior Dahrk

    UPDATE! For this session, you are getting the whole Scuttling Scribs team (MD, Merlord, ProfArmitage and XeroFoxx) and we'll be talking about Pimp My Shrine. Fear not, we will speak with MD only later
  3. You've read the interview, time to meet the man during a livesteam!
  4. The man behind the most exciting total conversion of the decade : Starwind
  5. You've seen him in MMC, time to find out more!
  6. He who made your Morrowind truly alive with Animated Morrowind and factions worth leading with Antares' Big Mod.
  7. Drac, co-author of Morrowind Crafting and community OG.
  8. Time for a new interview, with Alive this time
  9. We have questions, Vidi has answers.
  10. Want to know more about Endoran? This is the place.
  11. Danae


    Come meet the legend and OG modder, Drac will tell us about Morrowind Crafting 3.0.
  12. A couple of hours taking a look at MD's mods while MD himself tells us that whats and hows.
  13. You've seen her on the forums for years, but do you know her?
  14. Want to know more about Pikachuno? Step righ in!
  15. Danae


    R-Zero goes down memory lane and talks about his mods.
  16. Danae


    We're taking a tour of Morrowind, with Vegetto as our guide!
  17. Necrolesian answered a bunch of questions.
  18. Axe answred a bunch of questions about modding.
  19. Danae


    Abot will join me on stream to talk about Morrowind, modding and of course his mods!
  20. We're talking with BillyFighter, author of quest mods such as Frozen in Time and Mudcrab Imports.
  21. Danae


    Wolli will join me on stream to talk about Tomb of the Snow Prince, of course, but also any and every mod he's made, played...
  22. Sunday is a special stream with RingComics, a modder most known for creating a Wabbajack mod list for Morrowind. The video will be added to YouTube later. More info on Wabbajack here: https://www.wabbajack.org/# More info on the You Are Just an N'wah (YAJAN for short) modlist: Read Me: https://github.com/RingComics/yajan Discord: http://discord.gg/6wusMF6
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