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Enchant Capacity Rebalance 1.0

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Enchant Capacity Rebalance

This mod adjusts the enchant capacities of weapons, armor and clothing for balance and consistency. An MWSE version and a plugin version are included.
The changes made by this mod are generally modest, and are mostly within the range of vanilla values. The archive contains spreadsheets listing the unenchanted weapons, armor and clothing items in the game along with their old and new enchant capacities.
The material a weapon is made of plays a large role in determining its enchant capacity. This was generally true in vanilla as well, but it was applied inconsistently and in some cases illogically. Superior materials now have superior enchant capacities across the board.
The enchant values of iron and steel weapons (especially iron) have been lowered, while capacities for silver weapons have been increased. (In vanilla, iron and steel weapons tended to have identical capacities, while silver weapons actually had lower capacities than iron/steel.)
Enchant capacities for Dwemer and especially glass weapons have been increased. Glass weapons in particular had oddly low enchant values in vanilla; they now have among the highest capacities (surpassed only by adamantium, ebony, stalhrim and daedric), which helps make up for their relative fragility.
The type of weapon also now plays a more consistent role in determining enchant capacity. In general, two handed weapons have higher enchant capacities than one handed weapons (in part to make up for them precluding the use of a shield), while the more exotic weapon types like katanas have somewhat higher capacities than more common types.
The biggest change in this regard is to staves, which now have significantly higher enchant capacities, the highest of all weapon types. This makes up for the relative inferiority of staves as physical combat weapons (which also prevent the use of a shield), while reinforcing their role as mage weapons.
Weapons added by the expansions generally had too high enchant values in vanilla. These have been lowered, especially for the goblin/riekling weapons. An exception is adamantium, which have mostly been increased slightly. The single biggest change is to the Ebony Scimitar, which has been dramatically lowered from its insane vanilla enchant capacity of 80.
The enchant capacities of projectiles have also been rebalanced in line with the above, for those who use the Morrowind Code Patch feature that allows enchanting them.
Enchant capacities for armor have received generally the same treatment as for weapons. The material an armor is made of plays a large and more consistent role in determining enchant value.
Capacities for iron and steel armor have generally been lowered, along with the values for some other relatively low-end armors such as netch leather. Chitin and bonemold enchant values are also generally lower than vanilla, along with the Dark Brotherhood gear.
In contrast, Dwemer armor has seen its enchant values rise in some cases pretty significantly. Some other higher-end armors like ebony, adamantium and ice armor have also seen increases (daedric armor is roughly the same on average).
The vanilla tendency for armor type (cuirass, pauldron, etc.) to influence enchant capacity has been made more consistent as well. Like in vanilla, shields, and especially towershields, have considerably higher enchant values than other armor types (the Daedric Tower Shield's enchant value of 225, the highest in the game, is unchanged). Greaves and pauldrons have the lowest values, while cuirasses and helms have relatively high values.
This was all mostly the case in vanilla, but is now applied much more consistently.
Enchant capacities of clothing are mostly unchanged from vanilla Morrowind. In general, vanilla clothing enchant values are pretty consistent and logical, and are not unbalanced. However, a few adjustments have been made.
The enchant values of robes have been increased across the board. Exquisite robes now have an enchant value of 60 (consistent with shirts, pants and skirts), up from the vanilla 40, and lower-tier robes have been adjusted accordingly.
Otherwise, the enchant values of exquisite items are unchanged. Extravagant items have capacities half those of exquisite items, expensive items 1/4 those of extravagant, and common items 1/5 those of expensive. This was mostly true in vanilla, but has been applied across the board.
This means the values for common amulets and rings have been increased from 1 to 3, while those for common pants, shirts and skirts have been lowered from 2 to 1.5. (In vanilla, common rings/amulets actually had lower capacities than the other common items.)
Some of the clothing items added by Bloodmoon had inconsistent capacities compared to similar items; now they're the same as those from Vvardenfell.
In addition, a few unique or uncommon items have been adjusted. Imperial and templar belts and skirts have been made consistent with similar items, along with Indoril belts. Therana's Skirt has been significantly lowered consistent with its base item, while Helseth's Robe now has the same enchant capacity as an exquisite robe (up from its tiny value in vanilla). Finally, the Daedric Sanctuary Amulet and Tel Fyr Amulet have seen their values increased to the same level as exquisite amulets.
The plugin version requires Tribunal and Bloodmoon.
The MWSE version requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build.
As always, Morrowind Code Patch is strongly recommended. In particular, I recommend the use of the "arrow enchanting" feature to allow enchanting projectiles. I also recommend using the "two-handed weapon removes shield" feature, so you can't benefit from enchantments on both a shield and a two handed weapon like a staff simultaneously.
The MWSE version should be compatible with just about anything; its changes will override any changes to enchant capacity in any of your plugins.
The plugin version will generally conflict with any mods that change vanilla unenchanted weapons, armor or clothing, though any conflicts can be resolved by using tes3merge.
However, the fixes to the affected items included in Patch for Purists are incorporated in the plugin, so there's no conflict with PFP.
The only exception to this is PFP's custom script that it adds to certain "cursed" varieties of weapons or armor to swap them out for an uncursed version after you pick them up. I didn't include these scripts on those items because I didn't want to actually require PFP. This can be addressed by running tes3merge, but if you don't it's not really a big deal.
Version History
Version 1.0 - 2020-08-23
   - Initial release.
Feel free to contact me on the Nexus or Moddinghall with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.

The archive contains a plugin version and an MWSE version. Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just manually copy whichever version you prefer to your Data Files directory.

You can use this however you want.


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