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Castle Hestatur 1.0.0

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Castle Hestatur (The Tower of Glory) is a large fortified building on the northern edge of Sheogorad. It stands on a small island approx. North, North-West from Dagon Fel.

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Requirements and compatibility:

Castle Hestatur comes in several parts:

  • Castle_Hestatur-V1.esm is the main file, which defines both interior and exterior of the building. It depends only on base Morrowind, so Tribunal and Bloodmoon are not needed. On the other hand, you must have my Spok Paintings Pack, as Castle_Hestatur.esm uses all of those paintings. Either version (small or large) will do.
  • Castle_Hestatur-V1-Sorters.esp adds sorters for scrolls and potions. There are many ways to deal with these - and you might not like my idea - so I put this in a separate file. This one also depends on base Morrowind only.
  • Castle_Hestatur-V1-TB_addons.esp comprises additions for Tribunal and Bloodmoon: improved sorters that support new items, teleporters to various places in Mournhold and Solstheim, and a number of planters with their specific flora. This one, of course, requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon.

All files were cleaned using Morrowind Enchanted Editor, and contain no GMSTs or dirty references.

As Castle Hestatur occupies cells 5,25, 5,26, 6,25 and 6,26, it will most probably clash with any other mod which modifies them as well. Ald Vendras is not affected (it lies much further to the west), but e.g. Bloody Oath does collide with its southern edge.

Hard requirement on Spok Paintings Pack.


Unpack the archive into your Morrowind\Data Files\ folder.

Make sure that files are unpacked with full paths, or you'll get a useless pile of NIFs and pictures all in one directory!
If you do it correctly, one ESM, two ESPs and a README will be the only new files in Morrowind\Data Files\, while all the meshes and textures will be distributed in proper sub-directories.

Thanks go to these modders whose work has been used in creation of Castle Hestatur (in no particular order):

  • Freedom Keep by Zyndaar and Dreamer
  • GS_Rugs and GS_Tapestries by Gianluca Sabbatini - I've used tapestries and rectangular rugs as they are, but have tweaked UV maps of circular (or, should we say: elliptical) rugs
  • House of Mannequins by Grumblepunk - I've used only stone and wood mannequins
  • Musical Instrument Pack, Water Pack, Glass Display Cases, Glass Doors and Canopy Bed by Dongle
  • Claw Tub, Rose Basin and mirror (from Eclectic's House and Furniture resource) by Korana
  • A number of paintings and tapestries (from Miscellaneous Tapestries and Paintings Pack) by Korana
  • Another mirror and "chaos orb" mesh by Qarl
  • Barabus' Graveyard by Barabus, and a coal scuttle from Barabus' Fireplaces.
  • Imperial Meshes Pack by Alcar de Melnibonee - I've used grill wall and dragon relief by Mr Benjouille.
  • Curtains for Cottage by Dragan.
  • Maps of Tamriel by MC Stalker.
  • Torture rack by Lady Eternity.

Mod created by Spok.

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My 'go to' housing mod.  There are a couple of items (mentioned in the read-me) I ignore, but the house is magnificent.
Item sorting, rooms for my companion NPCs, plenty of display space.  Used to use Ravenloft Manor, but this surpasses it 🙂

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