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Attribute Effect Tweaks 1.0.1

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This mod makes a few minor tweaks to how the Restore Attribute and Damage Attribute effects work on the player. These tweaks have no meaningful gameplay effect on their own; however, they're required by certain other mods in order for those mods to work as expected.

There's not much point in installing this mod by itself. It's intended to be used in combination with certain other mods that require it.
The mods that require this mod change how certain derived values (e.g. magicka, fatigue, encumbrance) are calculated. Without these tweaks, those derived values can be reset to vanilla under certain circumstances.
For example, CCCP changes how max magicka is calculated. It does this by attempting to detect all the times when Morrowind does its vanilla magicka calculations (principally when intelligence changes), and then does its own calculations right afterward.
But when the player is under a Restore Intelligence effect, the game will redo its vanilla magicka calculations for every frame that the effect is active, even when intelligence is not actually changing because it's already at full. So under this circumstance, the game will reset max magicka to the vanilla value, but CCCP doesn't detect an intelligence change and thus doesn't run its own calculations to fix it.
The primary purpose of these tweaks is to prevent these effects from being active on the player when they're not actually resulting in an attribute change that the mods that require this one will detect.
The specific tweaks made are:
1. When an attribute is restored to full, any restore effect for that particular attribute will end early, rather than continue trying to restore the attribute.
2. When an attribute is damaged to 0, any damage effect for that particular attribute will end early, rather than continue trying to damage the attribute.
3. When an attribute is being drained (and only then), it is no longer possible to restore that attribute all the way up to full, only up to 1 less than full. (It will be further restored to full when the drain effect ends).
See the comments in the code for more details.
As noted above, these tweaks have no meaningful gameplay effect, and shouldn't bother anybody.
Mods that currently require this mod include:
- Fortify MAX
- Class-Conscious Character Progression (CCCP)
- Weight of the World
This mod has no Mod Config Menu. However, if needed for debug purposes, you can open up main.lua in a text editor and set "logging" to true at the very top. This will enable logging to MWSE.log.
This mod requires MGE XE and the latest version of MWSE 2.1. Just install MGE XE and run MWSE-Update.exe to download the latest build.
Morrowind Code Patch is a soft requirement for this mod. The mod assumes that you're using MCP's bugfix patches regarding Fortify/Drain/Restore Attribute. If you're not, the mod won't work as expected. Fortunately, these patches are enabled by default in MCP, so MCP users should be using them unless you specifically disabled them.
Do not use this mod with old versions of Fortify MAX (before 1.0.4) or CCCP (before 2.0.6). Be sure to update those mods before installing this one.
Feel free to contact me on Moddinghall or the Nexus with any comments or suggestions. You can also find me on Discord as Necrolesian#9692.

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What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


- Fixed a bug where the mod wasn't initialized early enough, which was causing Weight of the World (which depends on this mod) to sometimes not detect it.

Use a mod management tool such as Wrye Mash, or just copy the MWSE directory to your Data Files directory.

You can use this however you want.


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