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Various mods and add-ons that do not fit an existing category.

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  1. Mantle of Ascension - A Climbing Mod

    This mod adds basic mantling.
    You can now climb onto obstacles given they are within reach. This includes getting out of water and steep surfaces as long as they are not 90 degrees vertical unless you can catch a dent or bump on them.


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  2. Morrowind Anti-Cheese - Ownership Overhaul Compatible

    This is an edit of Morrowind Anti-Cheese v1.2 by Remiros and Half11 for compatibility with Necrolesian's Ownership Overhaul.
    In addition to increasing compatibility between both mods (mostly in the way of removing Morrowind Anti-Cheese cell edits which added ownership to items and containers), a number of Patch for Purists fixes have also been forwarded to the mod,
    Complete documentation is included in the download.


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  3. Memory Monitor

    Memory Monitor
    Part of the May Modathon Month 2018
    This simple mod provides an in-game HUD element as the game approaches critical memory limits. At a critical threshold, it can prompt to save and quit.

    Displays a HUD element above the minimap, showing the current memory usage. Shows up at a given threshold (default: 50%) as green, and becomes increasingly red as it nears 100%. Shows a message box at a critical threshold (default: 90%). From this message, you can continue, save, or save & quit. This message will only display once per game launch. Configurable. The HUD element display threshold, critical warning threshold and save file/name can be edited in Memory Monitor.json.  


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  4. Labeled Roadsigns in Tamriel Rebuilt

    Adds labeled textures to road signs in Mainland Morrowind (Tamriel Rebuilt )
    Made to match vanilla textures and mix well with Real Signposts.

    There are many great road sign mods out there and I've used most of them over the years, but I always go back to Real Signposts, maybe because it was my first sign post mod, or I just like the aesthetic despite being extremely low res.

    So I've made signs for my TR mainland using a matching wood texture, but I used the Magic Cards font because Morrowind (and it's the only font I have besides Times New Roman, Verdana, Impact, and Comic Sans)
    Did these for personal use but may as well share for modathon.

    Compatable with Tamriel_Data v6.01

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  5. Hold Your Breath

    A MWSE mod by Stripes

    Endurance determines how long you can hold your breath under water.
    Vanilla is 20 seconds. always.

    formula i used is: (Base + (Endurance*Multiplier))
    adjustable by MCM

    Default settings change breath from 10(no endurance) to 30(100 endurance)

    That is all


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  6. Unofficial Morrowind Official Plugins Patched

    (Note, description copied from NexusMods.com. Only change between this version and the version on Nexus is this one has a slight edit to entertainers.esp that removes an extra space in a greeting.)  UMOPP v3.1.0a Now with Better Armors Compatibility!

    UMOPP just got a whole lot simpler. No, seriously, everything about UMOPP is much more straight-forward. Each plugin now has a better description of what it does, and all extra add-ons and "better" plugin versions have been removed. Why? Because they go far beyond the scope of what UMOPP ever intended to be. If you are worried that all of those old plugins will be gone forever, you can find them in my Miscellaneous Mods page. This way, UMOPP can focus on achieving its goals.
    Note: I've also updated the layout of the main page to clarify certain details. Hope this helps!

    UMOPP is now much more purist-friendly: changes have been made to avoid ruining the vanilla experience (which means the more subjective edits have been removed). 2.x was a step in the right direction, but 3.x plans on keeping a stricter focus on purist-friendliness.

    The compatibility versions of the plugins are as follows:
    Adamantium Armor: Removes the duplicate Adamantium Armor set references from Tribunal (Requires Tribunal). LeFemm Armor: Removes the female cuirass edits, as well as edits to Sirollus Saccus. Siege at Firemoth: Reduces the number of Cell edits in the Firemoth Region, and increases compatibility with Rebirth by mitigating the edits to the gates in Seyda Neen. Now compatible with LGNPC!

    Morrowind Tribunal (For the Merged and the Adamantium Armor compatibility versions) Recommended:
    Morrowind Code Patch + MCP Skunkworks Update - Fixes numerous problems with the base game's code. Patch for Purists - Fixes many issues in the base game. Morrowind Optimization Patch - Optimizes many of the meshes in Morrowind, giving a boost to performance. Project Atlas - Another performance booster, highly recommended to install after MOP for a significant performance increase. Pika's Misc Mods - Lots of additional stuff here, such as the non-purist changes for UMOPP.

    UMOPP Main
    Simple file structure with all of UMOPP's main files.
    UMOPP Merged and Compatibility Files
    It contains compatibility patches and merged versions for the Official Plugins. Requires UMOPP Main. If you wish to use one of the merged versions for UMOPP, make sure to disable the .esps for the individual plugins before playing.
    Known Issues



    Feel free to edit and redistribute, but please credit Bethesda for their work, and me for mine.

    Special Thanks

    -Bethesda for Morrowind, the Construction Set, and the Official Plugins along with all the issues they brought :3
    -The creators of NifSkope and NifSkope 2.0, a very useful community modding resource
    -The makers of TES Advanced Editor, TESTool, escog, tes3cmd, and TESPCD, all of which helped keep these plugins down to size 😛
    -The Blender Foundation
    -Wrye Mash for granting the ability to redate plugins
    -Nexus, Morrowind Mod History, and Great House Fliggerty for hosting mods
    -The Morrowind Modding Discord, and the people in it (you guys are awesome)
    -And finally, you the mod user for being nice enough to download and try this mod.

    I am not affiliated with, nor claim any rights to Morrowind, Bethesda, or any assets contained inside this plugin, even my edits. Anything Bethesda would (despite the unlikeliness of it occurring) request of me regarding this mod (such as removal, taking credit for, etc.) is completely legal and is part of the agreement I made in creating this mod. Thank you for your understanding!


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  7. Kingdom of Clutter

    This mod makes Detritus Caria's collection of clutter a bit more...cluttered, with more junk added to his room in the Mournhold craftmen's hall from OAAB Data. Apart from more items placed in his room, the containers in there have been swapped with OAAB leveled list enabled identicals, so the furniture in the room looks the same but contain more varied loot from OAAB's leveled lists (You could steal their new loot for yourself, but you wouldn't break old Detritus' heart, would you?)

    Future plans would be to overhaul all of the craftmen's hall and give it a facelift, incorporating the changes in this mod with a wider redux.

    The mod only touches Detritus' room, nothing else. No NPCs or other rooms were changed.
    The mod is incompatible with Immersive Mournhold as it already makes changes to the craftsmen's hall.


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  8. Left-handed

    Makes player left-handed in first person.


    Thrown weapons aren't positioned correctly.
    The game's weapon models weren't made for this, with most you can get an acceptable compromise by editing animations, but thrown weapons don't have a special idle so it's down to the models.

    v1 (with torch support) or openMW will not work for beast races
    Torches need MCP feature "Improved animation support"
    in "Mod specific" category (NOT enabled by default and reported to conflict with some animation mods like Darknut's 1st Person or Animation Compilation) If you use the older version of these files (v0.9) then the MCP feature isn't required but when holding a torch attack animations won't be shown, they won't be held properly, and block animations interrupt ongoing attack anims.
    Beast races: v0.9 will work for beast races but without torch support.
    openMW: While either version is usable in openMW for non-beast races, neither will have properly working torches. Beast races won't work in openMW.

    First person only!
    While editing third person animations only for the player is technically possible, it requires technical ability on the user's part and manual intervention, so it is beyond the scope of this mod. That being said, to do that in the vanilla engine, one would need:
    - a third person animation (for humanoid races one is available inside "NPC variety animation resource" here but currently its crossbow position is off; in openMW its weapons get flipped if it's used on the player; I don't know of one for beast races)
    - either  start a new game with a plugin you've made in the Construction Set, in which you've pre-selected the race of the "player" NPC and added the animation to it, and then do not change race/sex during character creation in the game
    - or  install tes3cmd and use it to edit your save file. Example provided in optional files.

    Bows are in the left hand, because the engine puts them in the main hand bone.

    Obviously not compatible with other first-person animation mods.


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  9. BTB's Game Improvements - Necro Edit (Morrowind#)

    This is an edit of BTB's Game Improvements - Necro Edit for use with my Morrowind# modding guide.
    The following changes have been done compared to the original:
    Removal of Race and Birthsign edits, including Spells, Powers, and Abilities (use Balanced Passive Races and Birthsigns instead). Reverting to BTB's original weight values for alchemy apparatus. Reverting changes to Glass equipment availability, while increasing their value. Incorporation of There Can Be Only One's changes to fixed Daedric equipment, while leaving behind the changes that make all pieces "one of a kind". Restoration of the Sword of White Woe, Creeper and Mudcrab barter AIs, and removal of the Imperial Guard at Caldera Guild of Mages (use Morrowind Anti-Cheese instead). Removal of creature stat buffs, while keeping edits related to Soul values, diseases, spells (for continuity), and bug fixes intact. The download includes patches for Hunter's Mark - A Marksman Mod and More Deadly Morrowind Denizens - Creatures Add-On.


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  10. Rethinking Vivec


    The problem with Vivec is not actually that the cantons are not open or that it doesn't look like the concept art (it can't, the proportions in the art are all wrong).

    The actual problem with Vivec is first its lack of content and second its limited nature - you can only enter and exit cantons at predetermined points and have to walk around on the inside and the outside to go to them, throwing your sense of orientation off. This mod was supposed to fix this, to a degree, and then it feature creeped.

    I have been working on it on and off for the last 5 years and it's about time somebody else picks it up or is inspired by it or whatever. So here it is, warts and barely tested and everything. Have fun!

    Cantons are open (the mod is based on No-Frills Open Vivec, Paper Map version), Docks are added to St. Delyn and St. Olms, accessible either through the exterior or the storage interiors (which were, conveniently, set up as if Bethesda had always intended to be docks there), Boat travel connections have has been redirected there, Flower beds and pots have been added all over the place, Additional access has been added to various interiors (the Foreign Quarter's Imperial Cult shrine, the Redoran and Telvanni Canton's Underworks, some corner clubs, the Library of Vivec, some offices), The library of Vivec has been expanded a bit, adding more Tamriel_Data books while keeping to the theme of light entertainment and faith-based works, Added an office to the Mages Guild where Treboninus now resides, Merged the Foreign Quarter Waistworks into one interior - you can now look down from the very top to the very bottom, Relocated the point- and useless Foreign Quarter merchants to the new harbors, Added a Briricca bank branch to the Foreign Quarter, Started reworking some of the plazas now that the flora is on the lower levels.

    Yep. Patches for TR_Travels are included, but that's it for now.
    It's my way or the highway!


    Yes, actually.
    More direct interior <-> exterior connections, particularly in the Foreign Quarter and the Redoran canton, The Saint cantons interiors are suffering from the appartments, they should be turned into essentially indoor malls, More books in the library, Do something better with the Mages Guild (I need a sigil), More plaza overhauls, Better entrance area in the Foreign Quarter, Guar stables (update the guar quest that leads to Vivec to lampshade this too), Add the Hlaalu Company Bank to the Hlaalu canton, Compatibility patches, More vanilla quest integration in general, More quests

    Cemkey and DonnerGott made the open canton meshes and inverted gondola piers.
    Atrayonis (this is me! adore me!) did the rest.


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  11. Projectiles Reintegrated

    Projectiles Reintegrated increases the availability of projectiles all over Vvardenfell, by modifying vanilla containers shared by NPCs and those specific to certain NPCs as well, in addition to adding containers of its own when more specific changes were required.
    This mod also reintegrates the new weapons and projectiles added by Hunter's Mark - A Marksman Mod, which fill in gaps in progression in the vanilla equipment, and thus requires said mod to function as intended. These items have also been redistributed among vendors and containers, as well as fitting NPCs and vanilla locations (in the case of the rarer equipment).
    Included in Projectiles Reintegrated is a patch for Area Effect Projectiles Integrated (Area Effect Projectiles Integrated.ESP only), which addresses conflicts with one NPC. As a standalone download, I've uploaded a compatibility patch between Hunter's Mark and Tribunal Rebalance, which adjusts the stats of Goblin Arrows to better reflect their mook status.


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  12. Ass Mask of Vivec

    When Vivec cured a sick farmer for free, he left an ash mask of his own face as a symbol of that statement. However, what fewer people know, is that he left a second ash mask in Gnisis as well - an ass mask. Out of embarrassment, the priests have hidden it away in the Temple basement, but those who find it can expect to receive a blessing for their efforts.
    Okay, it's not actually terribly well-hidden, but it's definitely in the Gnisis Temple basement.


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  13. Vanilla Style Book Menu

    A custom-made book menu texture designed to stay true to the original. I think there's definitely room for improvement, but I'm very happy with the results so far! There's no bookmark texture included, since it should fit right in with the vanilla bookmark.


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  14. MWSE Scroll Icons

    In vanilla Morrowind, all scrolls use the exact same icon. To my knowledge, there have been two mods to remedy this - Lurlock's Scroll Icons, and Erasmus' Scrolls, the latter of which was later updated by PeterBitt. Both simply assigned the new icons through an ESP, which was fine and dandy back in 2002, but times have changed!
    This mod automatically assigns icons to scrolls using MWSE-Lua, which means it won't take up an ESP slot, won't cause any conflicts, and will cover any new scrolls added by mods. I think it'll even change the icons of any scrolls you enchant yourself, though I haven't tested that yet!


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  15. More Deadly Morrowind Denizens - Fixes Add-On

    This patch addresses four issues with MDMD - More Deadly Morrowind Denizens:
    The Redoran Dust Reliquary was missing its enchantment. Now mdmd_bolvynamulet has been properly assigned to it. The Hunger (hunger_az_01) was missing its new spell (mdmd_hungerspell). Now mdmd_hungerspell has been properly assigned to it (and the replaced spells paralysis, disintegrate armor, and disintegrate weapon, have been removed). The mdmd_mindelisword_en worked on Self instead of On Touch. Now it works  On Touch. Sjoring Hard-Heart's equipment was replaced from a Steel set to an Adamantium set. However, the Steel Helm lying on his desk (which completed the set) wasn't replaced. Now it is replaced with an Adamantium Helm.  


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  16. RFD's Feed the Animals slightly tweaked

    An ever so slightly modified version of RFD's original Feed The Animals mod. All credit goes to Red Furry Demon for making the original version and to Greatness7 and Kab the Bird Ranger for doing literally all the work for me here, i just conceptualized the changes. The only difference here is that i've nixxed guar from the script(as it disrupted vanilla quest and we have the AMAZING guar whisperer mod already) and I made it to where the player has to be crouched in order to feed the animal. Now you can walk up to any animal and kneel to feed them. If there is another mod affecting this animal, standing will allow you to interact with it in that way. I came up with this to make it easier to have Paxon around as he is constantly begging for my extra crab meat every time I try to grab something from his pack.


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  17. The Sitting Mod

    This mod adds 8 animations to the game for the player to use - various poses of sitting, both on chairs and on the floor, a kneeling and praying pose, and lying down animations. It also adjusts the collision on certain chair models to make them possible to sit on using these animations.
    I've played on the TES3MP server JRP Roleplay for a year, and the lack of animations for sitting stuck out to me as a huge thing missing from TES3MP and Morrowind in general. Mods like Animated Morrowind added some animations, but none for the player to use. So, I decided to make this mod to remedy this problem. No longer will characters need to stand awkwardly next to chairs instead of sitting in them properly. I had the idea to make this mod almost a year ago, but I never had the time or help to do it until now. Enjoy!


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  18. Spok Paintings Pack - Large

    Spok Paintings Pack 1 provides one hundred fine art paintings by various artists from renaissance, baroque, romanticism and neoclassicism periods. Selection is completely arbitrary.
    This is a modders resource: it offers just meshes and textures. There is an ESP, but it changes nothing in the world of Morrowind - it simply contains objects ready to be used in your mods.


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  19. Swayland

    This is a pluginless replacer for all 4 rope bridge models in Morrowind. They all are equipped with an unobtrusive (janky, but I'm no animator) swaying animation. This mod uses all vanilla textures used in the original rope bridges and I tried to keep the design as vanilla friendly as possible. 
    For manual installation just overwrite the Data Files folder with the files in this mod. Otherwise just use the Download with Mod Manager link.


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